Gandhi in hell?


i dont really see how he could be in hell, i mean, he did nothing but embrace everyone, but someone on this site told me he is probably in hell. the person who told me this probably wasnt catholic though, because he says that, “if your not christian, you will go to hell”. i dunno…:shrug:


I really question anyone who is so quick to judge on who is in hell and who isn’t. This not our place to do and a good Christian would know that.

I pray that Gandhi is in heaven enjoying the peace he saw in everyone.


The Catholic Church has not definitively declared any specific person to be in Hell, except Satan, period. While the Church does canonize saints, she does not canonize un-saints or anti-saints.


My personal opinion? Bapu is in Heaven.

The truth? I don’t know.


Well, I shall not exhalt this man as being perfect. Gandhi did support Hitler in Germany at one time.

It is true that He was good among men but he turned the truth of God clearly displayed in creation into an idol. He served creature rather than God. His acts did not glorify God. They were apart from God. Believing to be wise, Gandhi was a fool. Read Romans one.

He did hear the Christian Gospel but he rejected it. He was a man born under original sin. He was not perfect when God asks for such in his judgment. God lives in unapproachable light. That is why Christ is necessary even for Mother Teresa to be in heaven. Christ must step in to supply grace to bridge this gap since no man but Christ is perfect. He does so only in this life. It is better to be a living dog than a dead lion. There is hope when someone is still alive.

Gandhi lacked grace. It remains up to God to judge but it stands that he is likely in hell. It is a place that every man deserves but not every man goes. Grace exists apart from doing some good works. Mercy does too. Man is still guilty for not being in the right relationship with God. Christ, as only God could, must take the punishment ment for us. Otherwise, the wrath of God remains on those who are born objects of wrath. Gandhi was outside of Christ. He was found outside of the church, which alone has salvation.


Gandhi’s record is quite a bit more mixed than his legend would have it.

It is far easier to see Gandhi the man in hell than Gandhi the Ben Kingsley character in hell to be certain.

Insofar as whether the Gandhi of the movie, were he real, would have gone to hell, you may want to look up “invincible ignorance”.


This is ********, and you know it. It’s largely lacking in SUFFICIENT evidence, and I suggest you take back your rather idiotic comments. Blindly lashing at Gandhi’s faults doesn’t mean he is in hell. I am sure I can deduce about 10 faults in you from just this post, imagine how many more if I actually knew you. And yes with scriptural support :cool:

Frightening isn’t it.

“It remains upto God to judge”, you should have added “but I did half of it already”


Evidence for this? I think you are seriously garbling the truth here (which I believe is that Gandhi exhorted the Jews to offer only passive resistance to the evil of Hitler–hardly the same thing as “supporting Hitler”).



Being a good humanist does not guarantee you a trip to heaven. If Mother Theresa and Ghandi were atheists, but still did the same works, I really don’t think those works would help them at all on the other side. Just my opinion.


It’s always good to remember that we do not believe that works alone save. One must have supernatural faith, without which it is impossible to please God. Did Ghandi, before death, have such faith in the one God motivated by perfect charity (since he was never baptized sacramentally)? Only God knows.


Haven’t we been down this road recently in another thread ? :rolleyes:

The formula is simple:

IF a dead person has been canonized THEN we know that person is in heaven;

ELSE we have no certain knowlwdge of where they are spending eternity.

Extreme Protestant sects freely declare that so-and-so, or such-and-such a group, are either in, or are going to, hell. But that is quite unknown to Catholic thought.

Yet, it seems, here we go again. Howcum :confused: :confused: :confused:




Lets hope God is more merciful. I think I don’t want to second guess God on who is saved and who isn’t. I tend to think that I presume too much. I look to my own salvation, try to speak truth, and let God be God.


gandhi believed in god. he just did not believe in any specific religion, he loved everyone. that is why he embraced every religion. and to answer another thread, who cares if he supported hitler? i mean, its very bad to do so, but he obviously did not when he died, if ever at all.



I think the problem people are having is that you can’t read someone’s heart. So we don’t know if Gandhi loved everyone. And as others have pointed out, there’s been some idealizing of him (as with other beloved figures–including Mother Teresa for that matter). That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t admirable, but the “Gandhi” you have in mind may be an idealized figure rather than the historical Gandhi.

Gandhi, like everyone else, was a sinner. If he was saved, he was saved by grace like the rest of us. We can charitably hope that he was, and certainly insofar as he acted in loving ways we can reasonably hope that this came from genuine love of God and neighbor. There is certainly no reason to presume that he was in hell. But it’s just not our business to make such a judgment either way. You as a Catholic have an official process of canonization which is supposed to establish that certain people are in heaven. I question whether this really gives absolute certainty, but that’s neither here nor there. Certainly I agree that with regard to people who have not been canonized we should not judge either way. We leave them to God’s mercy, and we imitate the virtues ascribed to them. If it turns out that they were hypocrites, well, that’s too bad for them, but it won’t hurt us to have imitated the virtues we mistakenly thought they had. And meanwhile we can pray for them–which is another way of saying that we can commend them to God’s infinite mercy.



Well, supporting Hitler is a pretty good sign of a skewed moral compass, particularly after it became clear what a monster he was.

Gandhi did not love everyone; he did not love Winston Churchill, for example. Churchill certainly didn’t love him.

Let’s not let hero worship skew perception; Gandhi was a complex human being who accomplished great things for good and ill, and was judged upon his demise, as we all shall be. The outcome of that is unknown, since he hasn’t come back to tell us.


He certainly didn’t love everyone. Wasn’t it Gandhi who said to someone “I like your Christ but not your Christians”?


In hell- we do not know. We just do not know. All we can do is pray for his soul. His ignorance of the truth is clouded by centuries of his tradition…like the Dali Lama- a very good and peaceful man- very Christ like…but pagan to the T…may God have mercy on him and let’s pray for his conversion as well.

And let us all remember, for those such as him, no good works can save him, only faith in Jesus Christ…this is what St. Paul meant- convert and be baptized- it matters not how good a person you are and all the good works you have done- you need to repent and be baptized- it is the faith that saves.

To die without conversion is to die in the state of mortal sin- the “Original Sin”. Last time I looked- “Original Sin” still exists- and no matter how good any non baptized/converted person is they cannot and will not EVER enter heaven unless they believe and are baptized.



Thank you, Edwin!! Just what I wanted to say, only you said it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: better than me!!


jusy because your pagan doesent meen hell. you just se god differnt.


Reeks of relativism. This means that Jesus’s mission was not necessary for everyone, which is BOGUS.

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