Gang-raped Indonesia woman may be caned for violating Islamic law


BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – An Indonesian woman who was gang-raped by men accusing her of having extramarital sex may be caned publicly for violating Islamic law, an official said Wednesday.

The 25-year-old widow said she was raped by eight men who allegedly found her with a married man in her house. The men reportedly beat the man, doused the two with sewage, and then turned them over to Islamic police in conservative Aceh province.

The alleged attack occurred early Thursday in Lhokbani, a village in East Aceh district.

The head of Islamic Shariah law in the district, Ibrahim Latief, said his office has recommended the widow and the married man be caned nine times for violating religious law, pending an investigation. Its preliminary finding was that the two were about to have sex at that time, but Latief contended they violated Shariah law by being in the same room together. He said they also admitted they had sex earlier.


Those thugs need to take a good look in the mirror & that includes the so-called up-holder of the law, I suppose the men will receive medals of bravery now !


This infuriates me!

LOVE! :heart:


Where do they get these anti women anti everybody laws, plus instead of Thou shall not kill its "Thou shall kill, why are they so anti women which they treat like dirt, was it Mohammed had a problem with women hence this has been passed down to his followers,
A very violent religion,

Mohammed the peace maker —No.
Mohammed the law giver — No.
Not even a prophet, just a small man with a grudge against everybody.especially women.
I am not surprised there was Crusades in the Middle Ages if they had to put up with what we have to put up with. No respect for life. Abraham is not there Father, Mohammed was not born until the 6th Century, then they say Jesus was not Crucified, how would they know they were not around, and anyway the Jewish people were not letting Jesus get away so he was most certainly hunted down and would not have escaped being Crucified…
They have borrowed a lot of Catholic teaching including the Rosary beads without the Cross etc.

Trouble makers all around the world.


Lord have mercy! :crying:


Religion of peace?

So many things I want to say… all of them would get me banned from this forum for life.


Islamic Law. One of the reasons why Indonesia will not be on my tourism list.


Well, at least they are trying to catch - and punish - the rapists. Look at the maximum sentence they may face. Nine beatings sure beats that.


I’m not sure I follow the logic behind punishing a person for a sexual sin by raping her.


They get fifteen years in gaol, max. Not bad.




Whether the couple had sinned, was about to sin or were just together where it’s forbidden for a man and a woman in certain instances to be together, this story to me is one of extreme lack of compassion and evil on the part of the enforcers.

I wonder what our Lord and their Lord, Jesus Christ, would say.


Yep, careful with those Judeo-Christian Eurocentric value judgments, buddy! :eek::wink:


Yeah, I am a little confused about this form of punishment. I thought Indonesia was pretty much by the book when it came to Sharia law. Is this in the book?


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