Gangnam Style

Who here have know about it, heard about or had listened to it? :3
Here’s the video of said song:

The influence of this song had spread from the Far East to the entire globe. o:


What on earth did I just watch?! :rotfl:

I knew about this “before” it went viral. The benefits of reddit.

Making it my ring-tone right now!


Funniest Korean video x 6,000

Who says Asians can’t dance?

Oppa Gangnam Style! :smiley:

Seriously, I think I can do that dance while cosplaying at the same time. :slight_smile:

I want to learn this dance and go into a large crowd and bust the moves randomly lol It’s too funny. :smiley:

Yes i have seen it, I’m a YouTube junkie and I can’t get enough of it lol! I think the dance is super funny and a good calorie burner :). Here’s a video of PSY 9the artist) at a dodgers game where they played the song

Btw i’m pretty sure the original video broke the record for most likes in YT

Some are commenting that PSY’s song might just save K-pop. :3

There’s a Catholic version of the Gangnam Style.

The title of the video is Psy Gangnam Style Church style, if the Youtube link doesn’t work.

I find it odd that "Call Me Maybe: doesn’t have a Catholic version on YouTube but Gangnam Style has. :wink:
Also, needs English subs. :wink:

Reminds me of the Japanese Yatta! Video.

Yatta, yatta, … “It’s so easy, happy go lucky…” that vid’s a classic.

I prefer T-Rex Style.:thumbsup:

the guy that sings and dances Gangnam Syle was on saturday night live a week ago.
it was the first time i had seen him live, but i had heard of him before that appearance.
he really has had his fifteen minutes of fame. Gangnam supposedly is an area of Seoul in South Korea like Beverly Hills i believe. it is a fun to watch him perform. i didn’'t care for sme of the scenes in the video, but the dancing was good.

Gangnam > Beverly Hills in terms of affluence

What I found most interesting about this song is that this is another precursor to further invite Eastern Asian culture into the world stage…which goes along with the whole rise of China thing.

Anyone else agree? :shrug:

yes, but some might see it as immoral western culture invading asian culture.

I think it’s fun! Makes me happy to watch it.

My son thought I’d like this short video.

It’s a riot!

Baby Gangum Style Lunch

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