Gap "commercial" hits a sour note

Apparently the recent Gap commercial (the with “Go Solstice!” :mad:) is hitting a sour note amongst many groups and people who are appalled at the flippant attitude. Just do a Google search on: Gap “go Solstice” and see the number of hits and firestorm starting to brew.

Many have claimed there isn’t a “War on Christmas”. They haven’t lived long enough. They have not yet perceived the erosion. It is my view that this is another swing of the pickaxe orchestrated by The Deceiver to chip away and devalue Christmas to a meaningless (but highly commercial) retail sales bonanza, where things are cherished and coveted rather than focusing on Christ and the beginning of the opening of Heaven’s gates.

Hey cool we Pagans get a kind of shout out! :thumbsup:

I don’t see the deal with the commercial. They mention several Holidays what are people only allowed to mention the ones the Churches approve of? Sorry we do freedom of Religion in the USA!

Look at the source I did boycoytt the Gap back in 1997 all their products are made in China laboringTibertan Monks and Nuns for who are in prison for practicing their religion.



I didn’t even know it was a Christmas commercial; it just seemed bizarre. Do pagans give
gifts at solstice or do they just gather around a bonfire in the woods? I don’t know. I’m assuming since it’s an ad from a clothing merchant chain, that they were encouraging us to go shopping. Look, we’ve got a great tradition of celebrating Christmas in this country with the exchange of gifts among friends. How is celebrating that tradition an affront to other religions? This is “diversity/political correctness” used as a weapon to bludgeon the unique character of the season into some sort of multicultural mush. If that doesn’t seem like sour grapes to you, then I don’t know a Grinch when I see one… one by the way wearing clothes from the Gap.

I think with paganism its anything goes. Since modern day “pagans” don’t really have any idea about the religions they say they “practice”. This isn’t a war on Christmas. This is just a publicity stunt. And the best way to get at people who want to rub your face in it. Is don’t buy their products. Thats what i have always admired about Jews and muslims. If some company is trying to dump on their religion. They band togther and the company pays for it. Not so Modern day Christians. a company dumps on our faith and the majority of us. Just go “Yeah but look at the pretty clothes. I need them” Honestly some times i think our faith is made up of weak willed dumb arses who are to easy distracted by brightlights and gimmicks of the insulter.

Didn’t know I had to start with a link, so here’s one from the Chicago Sun-Times:,CST-NWS-fals20.article

i hate that commercial, totally gay. they don’t have problems with taking our money if we’re stupid enough to give it to them.

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