Garissa's Christians told 'worship here and you'll die'

These brave Christians need our prayers. The video shows a Catholic cathedral that is protected by armed soldiers.

I must admit that I am shocked that this was not mentioned during Pres. Obama’s recent visit. He focused on gay rights with no mention of Christians under attack. I am glad this story was published by CNN. However, I am very sad that Obama cares so little about Christians.

Yes, it’s horrible, and yes, I’m glad CNN cares enough to shed light on it.
I gave up on Obama caring about freedom of worship.
This is a huge wake-up call for people who worry about bad church music, or disapprove of their priest’s homily. :rolleyes:
People are being silenced in other countries. We need to give thanks for our freedoms and protect them!
May God shower His love on people who are religiously oppressed around the world.
Thanks for posting it!

This is what is more important than climate change - protecting Christians from violent extremists. I know I would hate to have to have my church protected by armed guards just to worship at Mass on Saturday Night or Sunday morning. :frowning:

God protect your people, especially African Christians and especially those most at risk.

Pray also for the religious freedom in America. Such prayer is greatly needed.

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