Garth Brooks - BEST. CONCERT. EVER!

Anyone else have tickets to his sold-out 10 day, nine concert extravaganza? We went last night and I am still in awe. Just absolutely unbelievable. I have a single ticket for tomorrow and I think I may go again, even by myself, because it was just SO fantastic. He’s simply an incredible performer!!!

Considering he lives about 15 miles up the road from me I’ve never seen him. Never seen him in concert or had a “Garth Run-In”.

My neice plays softball, & her team has actually played against his daughter’s team. He’s always at the games & is very gracious to all the parents at the field. His only request is that all autographs/pictures will be after the games are over.

A new arena is being built in Tulsa & rumor has it that he will play there. Kansas City is a good 4 hour drive, so I’ll wait for him to play at home. :slight_smile:

From everything I hear he’s an absolute entertainer.
I’m glad you had a great time.

I live near Tulsa and have seen the new arena. Honestly, considering what downtown Tulsa is like, I’d like to know what they have planned for parking. That place is going to be a NIGHTMARE!!! For the record, from the highway the new arena looks to be on the small side. Not to mention there are the never ending construction zones on the highways. People coming in to town are not going to have any nice things to say about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen the new arena, if so what do you think of it?

My mom has actually met him. She saw him in a restuarant and went up and asked for his autograph for a friend of her’s. She said he was extremely nice.

What’s sad is that I’ve lived in Tulsa/Broken Arrow now for 21 years & I avoid downtown at all costs. :smiley: Nine times out of ten someone else is driving when we go down there. So I pay absolute no attention of how I got there. When I’m by myself it takes me forever to get where I need to be, I get totally turned around. :rolleyes:
I did see it when it was just going up & was shocked at how small it seemed too. It’s going to be a steep arena. There’s an arena in Dallas (forgot the name now) that’s very steep. If you’re on the upper level it feels like you’re gonna topple over. KWIM?
But I guess once this opens, & am going to a concert there, I know it’s going to be the DH driving & not me.:wink:

Your so lucky, I would love to go to one of his concerts.

I saw him at the Meadowlands (now continental arena) in NJ back in 93? It was electric. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to…second only to Peter Gabriel – and that’s because…well, it’s Peter Gabriel…I mean, c’mon. LOL. Garth is an incredible performer

I had the pleasure of catching him at the LA Coliseum over 10 years ago…FANTASTIC! The amazing thing was he was doing the show as part of a benefit (I can’t remember the benefit) and he was only on for an hour - but it was definitely worth it!

I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t think too much of Garth. I thought he was too progressive and almost non-country, but after a few years of trying to listen to some of the so-called country trash we have nowadays, I really appreciate his music. Hang in Garth! If Nashville doesn’t want you in your later years, you can always come to Branson, where we appreciate real music.

What’s funny is that Garth was progressive back in the day. Listen to his stuff now & it sounds country as opposed to today’s country which to me is basically rock. And since for the most part I cannot tolerate what is termed as rock music today, country will do! :wink:

I saw Garth back in '96 when he played 2 (count 'em, TWO) sold-out shows in Las Cruces, NM. A friend of mine used to visit him in Goodlettsville, TN and she sent me some autographed stuff of his. He’s an awesome performer. I like his “Wal*Mart mentality” when it comes to ticket prices. Everyone paid $20 for his concert seats, whether in the nose-bleeds or on the floor (don’t know if that’s what he charges nowadays, but even back then that was a steal!) You can actually stretch a family’s budget for an event like that. My BIL wants to take his kids to see Tim McGraw or Alan Jackson, but the last time Alan came around, the ticket prices STARTED at $59.50 and went up from there! Same arena Garth played, too. He said, “Forget it!”

I also like his policy of never selling the first two rows at his shows (does he still do this?) That’s because right before showtime, he sends his people up into the stands to find the fans in the worst seats in the house and brings them down to the best seats. Although in my opinion, there are NO bad seats at a Garth concert.

I thought he retired??

I haven’t really liked him every since I saw him (on TV) and a band-mate destroy two perfectly good acoustic 6-strings, at a time when I was trying to put the $$$ together to get a new guitar. I have no respect for someone who doesn’t respect expensive musical instruments.

When I used to play pedal steel guitar in a country band, there used to be a guy in Jackson Mich that played lead guitar, and he would routinely destroy a Fender Telecaster every nite he played. I think his name was Wild bill Emerson. The name really fit!! People would flock in just to see him do it. Crazy.

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