Gary Johnson’s Libertarian running mate William Weld gives up, now just wants to stop Trump


Gary Johnson’s hapless running mate, William Weld, is essentially giving up on the presidential race and wants to spend its last few weeks attacking Donald Trump.

The same day Johnson admitted he’s not keeping up with world affairs, Weld told The Boston Globe Trump is his only priority from now until November 8.

Weld is a real winner. I’ve seen voters vote to stop a candidate from winning, but never have I seen a candidate actually run in an attempt to stop another candidate from winning.

I’m sure Gary Johnson appreciated Weld’s “never say die” attitude. It will be interesting to see if this further sinks Johnson’s numbers, and if so, where will his voters go. I’ve seen numbers suggesting both Clinton and Trump.


I LIKE GARY … although I was watching an interview with him … and he was “slurring” his words … seriously.


Weld has never been anything remotely libertarian. He is a statist progressive. That he was a Republican is irrelevant.

As for Johnson, I’ve come to doubt his libertarian bona fides as well.


It seems for a lot of us (at least 1/3 according to Pew), candidates are simply “Not Trump” or “Not Clinton”. If ever there was a chance for a competent 3rd party…


We had 17 choices in the Republican, and three in the Democratic Party (Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC notwithstanding). That’s a lot of choices.

Johnson, OTOH, is not a choice.


Had Gary not had the biting the tongue during the interview, had the Aleppo incident and not knowing a good world leader, his numbers would be better.
He’s crumbled in the spotlight.


Seems with the just recently released video of what Trump really thinks women are for, I would say Weld will get his wish, because it appears Trump has stopped himself!


Weld, and everyone else.


Not to mention open borders. :rolleyes:


It’s higher than 1/3rd. It’s over 1/2…

This is the most pathetic election in a century in American history by that measure. Less than half are voting FOR the candidate of their choice.


The video is not damning at all. It’s what’s said off camera that is damning. I’m not convinced it’s genuine. I say this as someone that has yet to fully commit to Trump. There are other things making me consider moving away from Trump. This new video isn’t one of them.


Gary Johnson is a disgrace to those of us who are small L Libertarians. The third parties will never be taken seriously until they get away from those “legalize weed” candidates.

It is TRULY SAD what we as Americans have as politicians which is why I will always advocate that voting locally is TEN TIMES more important than the national votes. Trump will get my vote but with my nose held but there is no way in you know where Hillary Clinton would EVER get this catholic’s vote.


I actually think cannabis is one of the only things the Libertarian Party is ahead of the curve on. Cannabis is good medicine and will take the place of opiates soon, thank goodness.


I’ve heard/seen it said that Gary Johnson being in the running is hurting Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump, so as long as Weld and Johnson are in the running, they may well be hurting Clinton, who probably has the most chance of all the candidates of winning against Trump.


Trump is the result of the GOP bring perceived as trying to steer things one way or another. I see him as a protest candidate or more of a “burn it all down” your thing.

Hillary seems like there was some pressure used to discourage more than a few sacrificial candidates from challenging her.

If Johnson didn’t seem so clueless on foreign … well, foreign anything he could get the “Not Trump/Clinton” vote. But this man nearly knows the world exist (to the extent the POTUS should).


There are several prominent writers and radio personalities who are … “against Trump”.

But if you listen for a while … they want to be “academics”.

They want to argue and argue and argue.

And that is all they want to do.

They definitely do not want Hillary … but they don’t want Trump either.

[What’s wrong with this picture.]

It’s now 30 days before the election … and all they want to do is to argue theoreticals.

On the one hand … on the other hand.


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