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Instead of settling for the lesser of two evils, Trump or Hillary, maybe its time to
look at Gary Johnson/ Bill Weld.

I took a look at Johnson’s website, and like most of what he has on the issues.

He’s not going to outlaw abortion, but neither will the other two.

However, from a libertarian perspective, he won’t make us pay for abortions either.

Anyway, this is what I’m tossing in my mind as I’m convinced, I will not vote for Hillary or Trump.



He also won’t require us to pay for contraception


You may as well have a general ‘3rd party’ thread. It’s too bad the top three polling candidates are anti-life. It is what it is. :frowning:

Maybe I should start a “Darrell Castle” (Constitution Party) thread. At least he’s in line with Catholic social teaching when it comes to abortion. Johnson is not pro-life.


Gary Johnson personally opposes abortion, but understands that it is the law and the political impossibility of getting all abortions outlawed.

However, he opposes late term abortions and supported efforts to ban them.



Essentially what you are saying is that he is no different than so-called “pro-life” Democrats who are “personally opposed”. I think I’ll pass on that. I’ve seen this story play out before.

In my opinion, the best a 3rd party candidate can do this election cycle is to help steer future elections. If Gary Johnson, who isn’t pro-life, has a good showing this November, it will not move the major parties towards the life issue. If anything it’ll show that the pro-life issue is done in politics. Of course if a pro-life 3rd party candidate makes waves this fall, then maybe the major parties will take notice and embrace the issue more than they are now.


Here’s the thing, though. Gary Johnson is actually going to be on ALL 50 state’s ballots, and if he can reach 15% (which he’s very close to) he can participate in debates.

Also, as a Libertarian he is of the opinion that the government should not interfere and that things should be left to the states. So I would think if any issue of abortion were to come across his desk he would make sure that it was left to each state to decide. He is by no means a perfect candidate, but he is certainly better than Hillary and Trump. And for a third party candidate, he has the best shot of winning.

So -we can vote for either of the main two out of fear that the other one is going to win. Or we can all hope that everyone is willing to try voting Gary Johnson, and do the same. I know I’m going to! And I know a lot of my (Republican & Democrat) friends are doing the same. :slight_smile:


No, he’s different in that he will not support abortion, via vote nor funding.

Compare him to the two choices. Trump can’t tell up from down on the morality of abortion, and I don’t think he even cares.

Hillary, promotes, advocates and forces abortion onto others.
I can give you examples, but I don’t think it’s necessary in this forum.



The more I read, the more I like.

As far as Bill Weld, his running mate, like I said, he was a great governor.

However, he was also nominated for the ambassadorship of Mexico, by none other than,
Bill Clinton.

However, Jesse Helms, refused to bring the confirmation hearing to the floor, because Helms saw Weld as too moderate.

Moderate is what we need today, not the extremists we now have.



I look at it differently. I do not want Hillary or Trump to be President, and I wish that in a country with 330,000,000 people, we could a few better people than either. However, I also live in the real world, and there is ZERO doubt that either Hillary or Trump will be the next President. If you think they both will do equal amount of harm to the country and to souls, then vote for a third party. But if you think one will do less harm, then you vote for that person–imo.

People, like me, tried to sway people away from Trump for many months–we posted all the reasons, and nobody wanted to listen. Now, there seems to be some level of buyers remorse going on and it is too late for all that.

If you think Trump will do less harm, then you must know he needs every vote he can get.

If you think Hillary will do less harm, then she needs your vote to stop Trump.

This is not an election in which we get to vote for someone-it is an election in which we vote against someone. Every vote cast for a third party will hurt Trump, because as I just said, he needs every vote he can get. That means a third party vote is more a vote against Trump, than Hillary.

Gary Johnson might be better then both, yet he stands ZERO chance.

Almost anyone would be preferable to Hillary and Trump–yet we have two choices and that’s it.


Here’s a link to a good article in case you need one for this thread…

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s next chance to generate a breakthrough in the race for the White House is coming up Aug. 26 when Fox Business Network hosts a town-hall meeting featuring Johnson and his vice presidential running mate, former Republican Gov. William Weld of Massachusetts.

Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, has not risen in the polls as he had hoped and is looking to create new momentum with the town hall. He needs 15 percent in national polls to be included in the main presidential debates in September and October. As of now, most polls give him less than 10 percent.

The Aug. 26 Fox-sponsored town hall follows two similar events sponsored by CNN, one in June and one in early August.

I’ve watched both of the Town Halls on CNN. I’m glad the media is starting to give third parties a bit of publicity. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Libertarian Party from my younger days of reading Ayn Rand and, the best Libertarian book ever written, “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World.”

My main problem with Libertarianism is that I don’t think their economic policies transfer well to the real world. The “dog eat dog” approach may work in a perfect world where everyone is born with an equal level of attributes-no physical or developmental disabilities, etc- but we don’t live in a perfect world. There’s a Gult’s Gulch utopian element to Libertarianism. Still, I’m glad their ideas are starting to get a hearing.



This thread will be for the discussion of Gary Johnson’s candidacy.

Feel free to start threads on other 3rd party candidates.

As always, please continue to keep the posts charitable and report any posts that violate the forum rules.



My main problem with Libertarianism is that I don’t think their economic policies transfer well to the real world. The “dog eat dog” approach may work in a perfect world where everyone is born with an equal level of attributes-no physical or developmental disabilities, etc- but we don’t live in a perfect world. There’s a Gult’s Gulch utopian element to Libertarianism. Still, I’m glad their ideas are starting to get a hearing.

Generally, this was my problem with the Libertarian Party, as well as some other issues, which is why I never bothered to look at Gary Johnson until today, who BTW was a Republican.

However, reading Johnson’s website on the issues, its moderate Republican as in the days of George H.W. Bush. I’d add Ronald Reagan too, but I’m not sure about that comparison yet.

There is probably much I don’t like as far as his policies, but at least he’s honest and shines over Clinton and Trump.



Doesn’t he support legalization of recreational marijuana? That and his pro abortion stance are two reasons not to vote for him.


He’s not pro-abortion.

He’s pro-choice as far as that can be defined, but he is opposed to abortion personally and has worked to make late term abortions illegal. He will not use taxpayer’s money to pay for abortion or contraceptives. Can’t say the same for Hillary or Trump.

In fact, Hillary is pro-abortion where she’ll force taxpayers to pay for abortions, but will punish any institution which opposes abortion.

Trump is pretty much the same as Johnson on abortion, today, but tomorrow, that could change.

Using marijuana in not an moral evil and pretty much the same as alcohol as far as moral teaching goes.

What bother’s me with Johnson and Weld, is their support for gay marriage, but then, the other two support that as well.



Personally, supporting for marijuana will never be something to stop me from voting for a candidate.

As far as abortion, he is NOT pro abortion. He does say that it should be left to individuals to decide. However, I’m pretty sure he won’t do anything in regards to abortion. If anything he will at least make it a state issue(because that’s a Libertarian thing) which at least could mean it will be harder to access in certain areas.


What is the point of voting third party when your vote will essentially have zero effect on the outcome of the election?

You might just as well dump medicine down your sink and hope it reaches children in Africa to help them.


Yes, exactly. :thumbsup:


At that point




Really, though, what have Republicans done to reduce the amount of Abortions? Bush didn’t outlaw it. Reagan didn’t. George H.W. Bush didn’t. Nor Nixon or Ford.

Are they really the pro-life party?

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