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UK hacker loses extradition fight
Janis Sharp, the mother of Gary McKinnon, said she was “heartbroken” over the decision [AFP]

A British man wanted in the US for hacking into Nasa and Pentagon computers soon after the September 11 attacks in 2001 has lost his latest appeal against extradition.

Gary McKinnon, 43, broke into 97 computers belonging to NASA, the US Department of Defence and branches of its military in what US authorities called “the biggest military hack of all time”.

Britain’s High Court rejected arguments on Friday by his lawyers that extradition would have disastrous consequences for McKinnon, who suffers from Aspergers, a form of autism.

He could face up to 70 years in prison if he is convicted by a US court over allegations he caused the US Army to shut down its entire network of computers in Washington for 24 hours and cost $700,000 worth of damage.

‘Hugely disappointing’

Judge Stanley Burnton said in his ruling that extradition was “a lawful and proportionate response to his offending”.

“[McKinnon] believed in his words that ‘9/11 was an inside job’, and that undoubtedly infuriated the Americans”

Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera’s London correspondent
But McKinnon’s lawyer Karen Todner called the ruling “hugely disappointing” and urged Alan Johnson, the home secretary, to intervene.

McKinnon, who has fought a three-year battle to avoid extradition, now has 28 days to decide whether to appeal against the ruling.

Janis Sharp, his mother, said she was “heartbroken” over the court’s decision.

“If the law says it’s fair to destroy someone’s life in this way, then it’s a bad law,” she said outside the court.

Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in London, said there was “a possibility that we might see a further appeal to Britain’s new supreme court”.

He said McKinnon set up a series of computers to look into Nasa and US military computers so he could “essentially scan around 60 computers within about nine minutes”.

"In a lot of the cases he left simple messages saying ‘your security is rubbish’.

“But on at least one occassion he left a message saying that he believed that what was happening as far as the US foreign policy was concerned was state sponsored terrorism, and he believed in his words that ‘9/11 was an inside job’, and that undoubtedly infuriated the Americans.”

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Too bad it took something like this to make my friends realise that 9/11 was an inside job…I knew that it was all bulldust just watching how the towers fell.


Zaki, why did you post this article in Non-Catholic Religions? :confused:

As for your claim that the article somehow supports the theory that the 9/11 attack was “an inside job”, the article offers no evidence to support such an idea. Granted, Mr. McKinnon believes it to be true, but he also believes that space aliens visit Earth in flying saucers.

I am not at all disappointed! :smiley:

Whether he believes in space aliens or not (he was just researching about UFO’s) I would believe him because he hacked into all the top-secret files in the pentagon and defense and realised from this that 9/11 was an inside job…now America wants to lock him up for the rest of his life and hopefully make all this go quiet…


I am saddened you have fallen for that rhetoric. I sincerely hope this is sarcasm.

To think that one story about one supposed hacker is supposed to prove the 9/11 conspiracy theories are true is…well, absurd at best, and foolish at least. Unless one explains where the 3,000 people who died went. Or are we to expect the Holocaust was a hoax as well, and that some 6,000,000 Jews just mysteriously went off the radar and Allied soldiers were paid off to make up stories about coming across concentration camps. Perhaps while we’re at it we’ll just believe the moon landing was faked and that Elvis is still alive. Maybe we’ll even throw in the supposed “fact” that the government invented AIDS to wipe out African Americans. Each one makes about as much sense as the last.

My father was working at the Pentagon the time it was hit, and though God spared his life it personally angers me when I hear people go on about such nonsense, and I have to pray for calmness in my heart. My father for certain can confirm it was a plane that hit the Pentagon. He can also confirm the loss of life when the building was struck, and the sadness and the loss after that. Unless, of course, we are to expect the hundreds who died at the Pentagon that day were agents working for the government.

I know you have stated elsewhere that you are a Muslim convert. Do not go into the extreme that I saw so many converts get into during my brief stint in Islam, where the mentality is Islam vs. the world, and any bad spoken about any Muslim is immediately considered a conspiracy. Please, use reason and common sense. To admit that Muslim terrorists carried out 9/11 will not harm Islam. In fact, it will earn respect from non-Muslims. But when you grasp at straws like this and make statements that are, quite frankly, offensive, it will make you lose respect to people who used to hold you in high regard. There’s a danger of that now.

how high up does your dad work in the pentagon???
it’s just something i think about…i’ve seen quite alot of videos about 9/11 being an inside job and heaps of conspiracy theories but now this guy has hacked into top-secret files and finds out that it WAS an inside job and now america wants to arrest him and put him away for life-personally, im a bit unsure about it.


Right now he doesn’t work at it, though he has two or three times in the past. At the time he was working for Balkan Affairs. Later on he was in a higher position (I’m not giving it out on a public forum), but I will say his office was actually where the plane hit (this was after they had rebuilt it).

And again, linking to one article about one hacker who made one minor comment means nothing. It doesn’t disprove what government sources, civilian sources, and virtually every expert in modern science and engineering have said, which is that the 9/11 conspiracy theories are just that: conspiracy theories. They’re bunk.

Please do not disgrace the dead by turning their tragedy into a mockery.

I will not. I guess this will all be cleared up on the day of judgement-where all the truth will be forced from the liars (either mckinnon or the american government).


I think we will find more than a dozen terrorists who will be in the lake of fire, punished for their supposed “martyrdom” (a distortion of the original meaning of the word in English, for sure).



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