Gas could get to $15 a gallon

:eek: :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek:

That’s $300 to fill up my tank.

well, let’s start walking or riding bikes. That’s outrageous.

Well, hopefully by the time that happens the auto industry will have a reasonable alternative available. Other than that, I’m in His hands.

Sounds like overspeculation hype. If further convinces my that speculation in the commodity markets has become the bastion of immorality.

Nope…Lets mandate that all US Senators and Congressman, and employees of the government walk or ride bikes. OH! And lets not forget the Global Warming folks, all oil speculators and oil company execs., environmentalist nutjobs, and Al Gore. I am sure they will soon come up with a solution if they have to. :wink:

My scooter gets 63 mpg but I don’t look forward a fill up costing me $30.

President Bush said that America is addicted to oil. What he should have said that America is addicted to cheap oil. Alternative forms of energy exist, they just haven’t been economically viable with the past price of oil. Raise the cost of oil enough and alternatives will seem affordable. We already have the temporary fix of corn-based ethanol - a long term fix would be biomass-based ethanol, which works, but is currently deemed unaffordable.

It would surely be the end of our economy and our country as we know it. We would quickly ground to a halt. Riots, rationing, hoarding, and other such ugly episodes would become the norm.

But maybe out of the anarchy would come the excuse to usher in the New World Order that Bush’s father was so fond of. A North American Union between Mexico, Canada and the US. One currency, meaningless borders and unfettered immigration and migration. Corporations obviously want it, as they would make record profits and reap evermore power. The US Constitution would be null and void as an unelected cartel from the three countries would take over our decision making. Afterall, we are in such a deep debt that we have no chance of ever paying it off, and the dollar for all intents and purposes is becoming useless paper.

Think I’m nuts? Google the North American Union…

It would definitely be the end of things as we know it. We’d be going back to life’s basics, that’s for sure.

The scary thing about it all is that there will be ugly fighting along the way because people have just become so self-centered and nasty. There’s no way people will work together in peace. Just think of all of the havoc surrounding the Katrina disaster. :frowning:

Please pardon my ignorance in advance, but what does high gas prices have to do with Oil. I know there is a relationship between gas and oil but i dont know what specifically it is:shrug:

gasoline comes from refining crude oil drilled and pumped from the ground.


Once upon a time, Senators and Congressmen rode to Washington on the train. Before that, they traveled by stage coach or on horseback. Seems to me it might make good sense to restore that venerable practice. Then they wouldn’t be in Washington so often to think up ways of changing the culture and spending ever more money.

Speculators are making money and we are the ones paying. The speculative market needs to have some over site if not outright regulation.

Uh, just because I work for the government I have to ride a bike or walk to work? My agency has nothing to do with energy or economics or environmental concerns . . . I vote that everyone sucking down ridiculous amounts of gas per month while enjoying their big V8 engines with one person in the vehicle must attend to the problem or ride a scooter when they are alone. BTW, that includes my Dad. Everything may be bigger in Texas but that does not mean that all of the seats in it are being used most of the time.

I don’t know about 15$ a gallon but I think 5$ a gallon is certainly in our future. This is a complicated topic. Some issues: the devaluation of the dollar is part of the increase since the dollar is the key internationl currency, at least at the present. We have had no coherent energy policy offered by either party for a decade plus (and we are probably alone in this regard). Within the next decade India and China will consume as much oil as we do at present and the supply will not equal demand hence higher prices. We have all but prevented the major players from exploring and developing new petroleum fields (we are way behind Europe in this regard). We have not increased refinery capacity (it takes about 8 years to get the permits to even begin to build a new modern facility. Our poliitical system and our corporate system is focused on short term results rather than long term stabilty. I could go on and on. The point is we are in serious trouble and neither party is able or willing to talk about the tough issues we (and our children) will face. I can say with some confidence that we will think $4.50 gasoline will be the good old days in a few years.

It is not oil speculation that has the dollar in a slide. Our money is worth less so it takes more of it to buy things. All things. The effect is just more immediately noticed regarding gasoline where they can change the price daily or even multiple times per day right at the retail locations.

Just check out the exchange rate of the dollar versus anything decent such as the euro or even the yen over the 6-12 months and you will see what I mean about our buying power going down in general.

The reason that the Saudis refused to increase oil production per Pres. Bush’s recent request was that there is already a plentiful supply available. This is not a case of someone making oil scarce so that prices will go up. Otherwise, gas prices would be skyrocketing around the world and that has not happened. Europeans and others are coming here in droves to buy things with the power of their stronger currencies.

In the central atrium area of the office complex I work in, they have 4 TV’s with different channels. One of them is CNBC. Nothing but speculators hyping their positions. It is getting disgusting.

Agreed that ethanol is part of the solution, but so is methanol on the biofuel side. I am reading a book now called Sustainable Ethanol by Jeffrey Goettemoeller and Adrian Goettemoeller. Very readable for a primer on Ethanol. Some of the technologies that they are talking about look very promising.

I just wish there was a book like it for Methanol (And no Al, Energy Victory is not that book in my opinion. It is good for general knowledge, but short on the information I am talking about).

In Germany the price is over $9.25 a gallon…in England, it’s over $10 a gallon…people will find a way to survive.

Drill ANWR…drill off the coast…force speculators to put more money down on the contracts they buy that are forcing up the prices…and yes, find alternatives…without driving up the cost of food.

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