Gas price marks biggest drop ever

[/FONT]Gas price marks biggest drop ever…** **


It’s all President Bush’s fault!


– Mark L. Chance.

P.S. :wink:

I usually get gas coming home from Mass. Between Sunday around Noon last week and Saturday around 5:30, it had dropped form 3.199 to 2.929. That is 27 cents.

I paid $2.16 per gallon the day before the last election two years ago. Then the price had fallen from about $3.35 per gallon.

The day after the election, the prices turned around and went up to - well, you know, the stratosphere.

So now the prices are headed down. It must be an election year.

It does seem that gas prices tend to hit their lowest around this time, after peaking over the summer. Elections seem to be a coincidence.

The refineries are not required to produce the EPA designated designer fuel this time of year.

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