Gas Station Employee Fired for Fighting Off Robber

Sara Bonisteel

An act of bravery to defend a co-worker has cost a Minnesota gas-station attendant his job.

Mark Beverly, an overnight shift supervisor at a SuperAmerica in Roseville, Minn., was fired in March after he jumped on a masked robber who he believed was attacking a fellow employee.

SuperAmerica said he violated company policy when he came to his colleague’s aid in the early morning of March 26. So instead of accolades, Beverly got the boot.

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Heaven forbid someone defends themselves.

That gas station would be getting a piece of my mind if it were my town. He’s a hero in my book.

I can see the sense in a “don’t resist” policy for hold-ups. Money can be replaced; a human life can’t.

However, if the situation was such that a reasonable person would have thought another employee was being attacked, it is unreasonable to demand that an employee stand by and let it happen.

When I was doing ergonmics for an insurance company, one of our insureds was a chain of convenience stores in the Northeast. One day, a guy in a mask comes in, points a gun at the clerk, and demands money.

The clerk was the stereotype; middle eastern. Had a gun under the counter, and was a much better shot than the holdup man, who was hit twice facing the clerk, and then once more as he tried to get out of the store. The last shot hit his spine and made him a paraplegic.

He was unable to work after that, according to his lawyer. (I guess so; when’s the last time you were held up by a guy in a wheelchair?) And they sued. Our lawyers figured out what it was going to cost and made an offer. His lawyer rejected it. Our VP of claims got upset and said “let’s go go court, then.”

The jury gave him nothing. I remember the shock that we actually won one.

It’s a shame that a lawyer would even take the case for the robber. I can’t actually say that I’m shocked. People will do anything for money. All the world’s “morals” are based on how to get more money. It digust me.

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