Gates Foundation to stop funding abortions

Great news for the pro-life cause. The Gates Foundation have decided to not fund abortion.

Melinda Gates has been a big supporter of artificial contraception.

Yes, I know. However killing babies is much, much, much worse than preventing them in the first place. There is absolutely no way to put abortion on the same level as contraception.

They are both mortal sins.

This type of attitude is why so many are loath to join the pro life cause. I personally cannot engage with a person who thinks a condom is as bad as sucking a poor little baby out of the womb with a vacuum.

Peace out…

Maybe they can put their funding into adoptions instead!

Any mortal sin can send an unrepentant sinner to hell.

Alleluia, that is wonderful news! :thumbsup:

Thank you for sharing. This is definitely a big step in the right direction for the Gates Foundation.

A great first step!!

I think Melinda Gates is the main reason why her children attend mass (and Catholic school?).I also think that’s why Bill is more accepting to the Catholic faith, though I believe he not religious.

Erm, what about abortifacient “contraceptives”?

If they’re that offended by what the OP said then maybe there should be some thickening of the skin on the “sensitive” end. Like Seriously.

Peace out …

Contraception and abortion are fundamentally linked.
You cannot beat abortion unless you beat the contraception mentality.
Is all about separating sex and procreation. The scandal is Melinda Gates claims to be a catholic. God will judge her.

The sanctity of life is inviolable God chooses who comes into the world not us.

Nope. Maybe this is the case in the US. However, in my country, almost everyone uses contraception, but abortion is illegal. Therefore, people generally keep their baby (or adopt it out in very rare cases) if they have an unwanted pregnancy. There is a whole culture of families helping single mothers and a strong government support scheme whereby they are supported to keep their kids and to get an education for themselves.

You don’t have a clue if God will judge her. In fact, he may praise her for doing her bit to help end the killing of babies.

It’s not that they are offended. It’s just that, despite what the CC says, natural law would tell you that killing a person is about a million times worse than preventing them from coming into being.

If you don’t believe me, read up on how abortion are performed…

I agree with you on this. However, not all contraceptives are abortifacient.

Didn’t say they were, and I can’t prove it, but I bet a dime to a dollar Mrs. Gates’ programs include the abortifacient ones because they’re touted as more “effective.” :mad: Basically we’re dealing with a rich, privileged woman who claims to be Catholic but is flouting Church teaching because she presumes she knows what’s best for all the poor people. Instead of helping them be able to have children and give them a good life, she discourages them from having kids and provides the illicit means to contracept and/or abort (still, via some methods, even if she’s backed off from the most blatant forms of abortion). This smacks of condescension and possibly racism, along with all the other ways it’s wrong. :twocents:

Contraception and abortion are not the same thing.

I agree with most of what you said. However, I do feel we must pick our battles, and if she is moving away from abortion, I feel we have to celebrate that victory. I know she and her husband have basically been kinda eugenic ala Margaret Sanger, so I see this as a great step forward.

My point exactly - and “paternalistic” to boot. To me it smacks of arrogance. But I agree that they’ve made one bit of progress, and we can pray they keep heading in the right direction.

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