Gather round my fellow Trump supporters

Let’s stop looking like a bunch of unhinged people going through a bad breakup. Stop arguing Trump didn’t lose. Even if you choose to believe the fix was in and that the election was rigged, that’s not going to change anything. The courts are not going to rule in Trumps favor, because doing so would be to admit that the very foundational block of our country, voting for representatives to govern by the will of the people, is broken. And that would literally tear the country apart and open us up on every front to foreign attack and weaken our standing against country’s that don’t hold free elections.

It’s just not going to happen, it’s time to be realistic. So instead of denying reality, let’s put on our big boy pants, and get ready to carry this energy in 2022 so we can try and take control of the house, and hopefully maintain control of the senate, and get someone with Trumps good without the bad in the White House in 2024.


This is how it should work.


Well A he has not lost yet.
B. Do you remember, when Hillary had well and truly lost, how LONG people cried, screamed, swore, etc. It’s only been 3 days and for the most part, people are already, while still praying for the best, just ‘moving on’.
C. Where is all the whining noise really coming from? Two guesses, two words, THE MEDIA. Are you really surprised that even when it seems their knight in tarnished armour is going to ‘pull it off’ that all the emphasis is on how ‘badly’ the “Republicans’ are taking it? I’m sure they’re gobsmacked at how little real people are supporting the long yammered notion that ‘Trumpers’ were going to riot like Portland etc over defeat. Seriously, it’s in their best interests to portray ‘the right’ as crooked and evil and dangerous and scary. But it’s actually sadly amusing. Portland and all the leftist riots on the one side, but “trumpers’ cannot even say, “well, losing stinks” without hearing how HORRIBLE they are for saying it. There is sure a double standard out there.


He really has though.

Yes I do, that’s why I don’t want us to look the same. We need to better.

I’m speaking to people on this forum. Specifically to the ones in the election thread.


Hopefully, Trump will follow your example, as well as the lunatic fringe of the Republican party. I would say the same to the lunatic fringe of the Democratic party if tables were turned.


Don’t get me wrong, if Trump refused to leave and crossed the Rubicon I’d march behind him (for legal reasons this is a joke). But short of that it’s all just whinging and it’s pathetic.

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Looking on the bright side, a solid defeat might be good for the Republican Party. It’s an opportunity to recover and pivot. The US has two weak parties. We need two (if not more) strong parties with a robust competition for the good of the whole country, and the whole world. God Bless the United States of America!


I note the irony in your words considering four years ago the calls of how Russia-controlled Trump cheated the election and Republicans scoffed at their ridiculousness. Somehow the lying Marxist Democrats could cheat the Presidency, and yet still lose seats in the Senate and the House.


Ok. Just understand the only person effected by this decision is you. The world is going to move on around you.


Marx was German

I think you missed my point. First of all, Marx was German, not Russian. Second of all, it is utterly ridiculous that voter fraud was committed on such a scale, which only won the Presidency, but somehow they didn’t bother to turn Congress. Somehow every political scientist and pundit doesn’t see this, and are perfectly content with being quiet on what would be the biggest political scandal since Watergate. And even they were too stupid to pull it off.


Ok. Even if they did, so what? That’s not going to stop Biden from being sworn in in January. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m saying deal with reality. Not the way things oughta be.

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You realize that Leninism isn’t the only brand of Marxism?

Not everything reporting on the election is the MSM. Notice how I said pundits and political scientists, not the news.

He won’t.

That is also your opinion. This talk is literally no different from when liberals thought the confirmation of ACB was going to turn America into Gilead or that the Russians rigged the election for Trump.

You want to know what’ll kill democracy? This fear mongering on both sides.


You have no evidence. You have a conspiracy theory.


No we won’t. They’re not going to destroy the country and overturn an election this controversial.

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They’re not facts. They’re statements.

That we can agree on.

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You have no evidence to support your claims. There is nothing to refute because they’re just unsubstantiated claims. If you have a document from the CCP showing they were aware of and manufactured the coronavirus and its infectious capabilities, then there are some people who would like to speak to you. The same kind of paper trail which unearthed other conspiracies instead of theorizing.

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Pray , pray and pray some more that during these 4 years we will see good things done for our country. Once these 4 years are done we will be back to having a good Conservative Pro Life President elected.


A completely baseless accusation. If Russia and/or China rigged the election, in my opinion, it was to sow paranoia just like yours, not to get their President of choice in the Oval Office. This kind of fear just snowballs and lasts for years.

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