Gatlinburg Fire Blazes into Third Day


This is the biggest news story in my state. This is a huge tourist destination in Tennessee. There has been little or no rain in some areas of the southeast for a couple months. There are wildfires from Virginia south to north Georgia.


Western Carolina is having fires also. It has been raining in my part of East Tennessee most of the night and all day so far. Hopefully this will help with the fires.


The tornado in Athens, TN wasn’t too welcome, either! My husband was staying in Etowah on business last night and woke to no electricity.

My parents live in Western North Carolina (that was odd to type) on the side of a mountain about 1 hour from Lake Lure. They’ve had to keep the hose out to wet the roof for about a month. They welcomed the rain yesterday as it helped to clear the air.

The increased humidity from the rainy weather should help the area.


Praying for the safety & well being of all in the fires’ path.


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