Gay abandon required in frozen closet of male ice skating


This is a very long and comprehensive article about male figure skating. Quite interesting, wanted to share.


I am sure that the same could be said about boys/men in dancing which is heavily dominated by and seen as a girl’s things to do. Sadly, people sterotype those involved with different sports and acitivities and those involved with them based on assumed societal ideas of femininity and masculinity. Girls do this and boy do that and if you cross the lines of that people assume that there is something wrong with you.


I read somewhere that 1 in 3 male figure skaters is gay, but less than 1 in 100 baseball players is gay. Maybe the assumption of being gay pushes some people into that lifestyle? I don’t know… but even so, the majority of male figure skaters are not gay.


I doubt it’s so much that as the heterosexual men are heavily discouraged from participating because they’ll be seen. After a mass exodus (or failure to join) by heterosexual men, an overproportion of gay men is left over. Men don’t just start sleeping with other men because they like to ice skate.


One is put to wonder about phenomena like the asserted “lavendar mafia” that came to dominate in seminaries. Is there a “critical mass” kind of thing that, once reached, turns the nature of an entire organization? One wonders too about the future of the military now that homosexuality there is enshrined and honored by this government.


I don’t see anything new in the article. But maybe it’s because I was a skater as a kid and I’ve always followed skating.


I have no research or evidence to prove this but I’m will say the answer is absolutely “NO”. Since the Sochi games are happening as I type this I can make the following comparison and not have it come out of nowhere. In Russia their male figure skaters and ballet dancers (especially the dancers) are revered the same way male football, baseball and basketball players are revered in the US. They like their athletes but they love their artists. Boys are encouraged in those activities. Here there is a stigma and it’s discouraged. As I read a blooger somewhere who we rote about a gay figure skater and wrote that anyone who skates that well should play hockey. IIRC the (Catholic or other Christian type) bogger who wrote it was going to deliberately not let his son watch figure skating because some of the men might gay and one of the commentators definitely is. That’s the kind of attitude that prevents boys who are natturals on the ice from geting a chance ro start or develop their talent. Because dad would rather have a mediocre football player instead of a champion ice dancer ir figure skater


One is either gay or not. One is attracted to the same sex or not. People aren’t “peer pressured” into having sex with the same gender. That’s absurd.



We need to stop having the stigma on gymnastics and especially ice skating if we want to truly compete on a world level in the male versions of those sports. Athletic men who want to do gymnastics or ice skating should not be pulled out of it out of admonition that they shouldn’t be doing something so “feminine.”


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