Gay Activist in Hot Water for Revealing Conspiracy to Promote Homosexuality

"Gay Activist in Hot Water for Revealing Conspiracy to Promote Homosexuality

LONDON, July 22, 2009 ( - A British journalist and activist has come under fire from a homosexualist activist for revealing the names of key figures involved in a deliberate long-term plan that resulted in the success of Britain’s “gay rights” movement. Nicholas De Jongh, a theatre critic, playwright and homosexualist activist, accused journalist Matthew Parris of “blowing” the confidentiality enjoyed for four decades by a small cadre activists who brought the movement to its maturity in late 1980s Britain. "…

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Gays ate my hamster!


I can’t believe you posted that on a Catholic forum.

Admittedly, it’s usually been ‘Muslims ate my hamster’.

It’s a kind of shorthand (from the era under discussion) for ‘manufactured and rather frivolous scare story’ - from the country under discussion, by the way.

[No, hamster was ever harmed in the manufacture of such stories - the original - ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster’ - is regarded as one of the great fun/silly headlines in tabloid history in the UK]

Why in the world would anybody be even the least bit shocked to find out there is an actual gay agenda? Even a very blind person can see they have been force feeding us for years.

The gay lifestyle is openly promoted as not only normal, but as perfectly acceptable.

Our fearless leader declaired June 2009 as GLBT Pride Month.

Mr. Obama has also openly discussed promoting their agenda with gay leaders.

Nearly every TV show and movie now has some gay folks and we are supposed to accept them like its a perfectly wonderful and normal thing.

I, for one, am sick of it. I am all for loving my neighbor, but this sick and un-natural way of life is just plain old wrong! I refuse to accept it as anything but what it is, sinful, nasty behavior that is no more acceptable then child abuse, rape or murder.

Sorry for the being so blunt, but not for voicing my honest opinion.



You might find this interesting then:

The gay activist groups rank TV channels on what percent content has gay characters.

HBO was number one, ABC was the highest ranking network.

Thanks for the clarification. I was obviously wrong about the intent, so I do appreciate your clarification. I took it as meaning something else entirely, sort of a rather crude attempt at humor or something like humor which would be out of place most places, but especially here. I’ll just leave it at that.

[quote=Nicholas De Jongh]“Our meetings were off-the-record, since some of those present were closeted. Confidentiality was maintained for years until Parris, without consulting anyone, blew it.”

His complaint seems to be that Parris has outed the homosexuality of some closeted gays. How LifeSite came up with notions of a homosexual conspiracy, I don’t know. But such a distortion does fit the LifeSite agenda, so I can see why they would want to claim such a conspiracy.

Is that why the Church is always opposed to ABC? :hmmm:

Well, ABC and Disney are merged now, and Disney has always had a reputation as very “gay friendly”, so I can see why that is. What concerns me more is the high rank of the CW, which caters to teens. Indoctrination of the young.

You took the words right out of my mouth…!!I got rid of HBO b/c of their gay agenda and Bravo is a big supporter of gay rights it seems with their shows,although I do like Top Chef…

That cat has been out of the bag for decades, and 2 gay activists let it out of the bag. If you want to read the whole “battle plan,” it was published in a book titled “After the Ball” in the late '80s.

All the tactics - keep 'em talking, make it look normal, make like victims, and all the others - are in there, along with a few how-to chapters on psychological manipulation. (The authors were marketers who specialized in that kind of manipulating.)



I’ve often wondered what the lifesite agenda might be, whether one should take them at face value or whether they’re seeking to undermine the causes they’re, on the surface, supporting?

I was going to mention there was some book where they explicitly lay out the plan, just like you said, but I couldn’t remember the title.

You can see that plan working everyday…

Its a valid question. :slight_smile:

Don’t you mean “dear leader”?


Conspiracy? That’s ominous sounding.

Is there also a conspracy to get people to live by Christian principles? Is something a conspiracy when done by the opposition?

It’s a “conspiracy” when its done in secret for evil/wrong purposes.

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