Gay Activists Assault Ex-Gay and Trash Ex-Gays Booth at Fair

An article on Catholic Exchange…

The activist will probably sue saying thier “right to free speech” was violated by not letting them assault PFOX further. :mad:

:shrug: They were just acting out thier fantasy to be like the first well known “gay” activist. Taking it staight from his game book.

Unhappy ‘Gays’ Assault Ex-gays at County Fair in Virginia

These incidents only further betray the true immoral free-speech-hating nature of the homophile agenda.

Well, so much for “tolerance”, “inclusiveness”, “diversity”, and all that other liberal balderdash.

They’re only “tolerant”, “inclusive”, and “diverse” if you’re walking in complete lockstep with them agreeing with them in every particular.

Hold a different view, and you’re a “bigot” and it’s okay for them to beat the snot out of you.

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