Gay activists take public money to stage Transsexual Jesus play, moan about homophobia

The Glasgay! arts festival is staging a play called Jesus, Queen of Heaven, in which Christ is a man who wants to become a woman. As soon as I read about it, I thought: “I bet some public money has gone into that”. But even I was taken aback when I visited the festival website:

If there’s one thing gay activists love, it’s public money. Though, as you can see, they’re only too thrilled to pick up a bit of commercial sponsorship along the way.

Unsurprisingly, Jesus, Queen of Heaven has provoked protests from Catholics (who are probably unaware that they’re subsidising this venture through income tax, council tax, lottery tickets etc). They have protested outside the Tron Theatre. One banner reads “Jesus, King of Kings, not Queen of Heaven”; another says “God: My Son is not a Pervert”. That last message is unpleasant – but, hey, “Glasgay! supports the right of freedom of expression”, we’re told. Unless, of course, it decides that it’s being subjected to “homophobia” by the Christians it has upset. They are the ones being “provocative”, it seems.

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Transsexuality is NOT the same thing as homosexuality, though the difference is too subtle for some people to grasp.

You are right, they are not the same. But it was the group putting on the play and the gay activists that are the confused ones here. They are the ones who mentioned homophobia.

Either way, its sick. I think the group does have the freedom of expression, but I also think it show an extreme lack of class.

You don’t see anti gay marriage groups mocking gays.

\You don’t see anti gay marriage groups mocking gays.\

**Some might say that being against same-sex civil marriage is itself a mockery.

I’ve seen too many conservative Christians say false things about both homosexuality and homosexual persons, even down to saying it’s a slippery slope to bestiality. One local legistaltor accused gays of not being able to sustain long term relationships–though she herself has been married 5 times!

You might want to read this site by a gay-sensitive conservative evangelical:

I don’t agree with everything she says, but she is trying to be follow Christ in this difficult issue.**

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