Gay activitsts trample Cross of elderly woman

I heard this today, on the BIll O’Reilly show…he played a blurb from the station that covered this story. Have any of you heard this, yet? This saddened me so much, to the point of tears. Trampling a cross?

We need to really bathe this world, in deep prayer. :frowning:

Unfortunately your inquiry is true, please find this link to an article that covers information, I found these following paragraphs very powerful:

“This screaming and shouting, name-calling and pushing by homosexual activists is not unlike a small child throwing a fit because he doesn’t get his way,” said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, a leading California-based pro-family organization that supports marriage for one man and one woman. “The public is getting a clue that homosexual activists don’t like democracy and are willing to trample anyone and anything that gets in their way.”
“How is it that those who demand tolerance from others are so intolerant of the people’s vote to reserve marriage for a man and a woman?” asked Thomasson. “It looks like the No on 8 activists could use some diversity training. Homosexuals are demonstrating their intense intolerance against people of faith, people of color, and anyone who believes in real marriage between a man and a woman.”
“Most people are appalled by the violent, in-your-face behavior of homosexual activists,” said Thomasson. "This is very different from the peaceful marches of Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course, it has to be different. Then, people of color were asking for natural civil rights; today, homosexual activists are demanding that the public endorse their unnatural sexual behavior."
Let us send our prayer to these misguided and intolerant people as well as for Phyllis Burgess the victim of this hatred.

Homosexuality is a mental disorder. Do you really expect rational behavior from someone with a mental disorder?

Ugh, there is a typo in my title.:rolleyes: ACTIVISTS. I know how to spell, sure I do. lol:D

C’mon now, rpp…this is extreme behavior. (the cross trampling) I know many homosexuals who are very good people…who would never think of behaving in this way. How about Christians who kill abortion doctors? There are radical thinkers from all walks of life. What troubles me about stories like this, is that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. It took me aback hearing that someone would react this way to someone walking with a cross. :frowning:

I agree that was extreme. I have some friend who are gay, I simple include them in my prayers that they will see the truth.:thumbsup:

Well, I guess you don’t live in Oregon. It is different here. Had this occurred in Oregon, the police would have immediately moved in made an arrest and the little old lady would be charged with a hate crime.

Good point. I didn’t think about it that way. But you are right on the mark.

Sounds like you and Bill Maher have a lot in common…he feels the same about Christians.:slight_smile:

The video of this terrifying event is here

I think we should all watch this to get a glimpse of the hatred that really exists. God bless the courageous woman who stood up to that.

News people: “A lot of anger and hate on both sides”… :confused:

Were they even watching their own video???

Talk about spin! :ballspin:

I responded to another thread on this topic, which may have been pulled because of duplication. I’d just like to say a few things here.

First, I want to say up front that I’m completely against gay rights to marry, so there won’t be any misunderstanding about where my allegiance lies.

I was horrified when I saw the topic line. Then I watched the video. Over and over and over. And over. And in my opinion, based on a number of things, this woman entered a highly volitile situation deliberately to manipulate these big, loudmouth gay men who were already riled up to attack either a crucifix, a little old lady or both, and to manipulate the press. Go back and watch her posture, her smiling almost throughout, even the vivid color she’s wearing, coupled with her comments to the reporter, “We might have to print this. If you print this it will make me so happy.” Her demeanor during the interview after the incident was self-satisfied; she had gotten the result she wanted. She’d made the gay guys look bad. Is that what protest of an evil amounts to? Making the people on the other side look bad? If she had remained on the sidelines, like the kids who were attacked praying the rosary a few weeks ago, I would have a completely different opinion of this. But she didn’t. She manipulated the situation to get the result she wanted and wide press release. I’m sorry, but if we’re going to protest an evil as Christians, we need to be transparent and non-manipulative, proclaiming the Truth rather than trying to prove how bad the people on the other side are, or worse, provoking them to their worst behavior.

Oh my gosh, people can’t get enough of Bill Maher on the forums, lately. LOL

No talking of Bill Maher in this thread, please. :tsktsk:

You know, you make an excellent point. I had not considered that at all. Thanks for your post.

if it had been me doing that top anyone else id be in jail for a hate crime. real tough guys picking on an old lady. charity is well and good but if i were there id have shown them what a fight really is.

:shrug: :confused: :shrug: I know a lot of of good abortionist, but look how evil Tyson is, isn’t it gross how they chop the chickens head off, have you every seen that?:doh2: Apparently a lot of folks on these forums haven’t been friends with very many homosexuals and left-wing radicals:rolleyes: or it wouldn’t be a suprise that so many of them would act that way.

I do agree the lady should have known better, then maybe she knew what she was doing or maybe the whole thing was staged to get news, you know like she was a plant, for on the video it looked to me that she throw the cross down and stepped on it herself…I’m going to have look at it again.:cool:

Where I live we are not seeing alot of the news clips of the protest… sort like it is being filtered out to the rest of the nation.:shrug:

What a sad video. You’d think that these men could figure out that this kind of action isn’t the best way to gain support for anything. That woman was courageous in the face of those jerks.

I’d reply to this wonderful blanket statement but apparently my mental disorder won’t allow me to do that rationally. :shrug: Do we really have to hold all accountable for the actions of some?

You’re exactly right, because most homosexuals aren’t radicals like the jerks in the news clip. The vast majority of homosexuals are the ones you won’t be seeing on your nightly news cast.

Being a former campus president of a left-wing anti-nuke, pro-social justice group that worked with a gay rights group, supported and help them get ebstablish on campus back in the 80s, I know very well the mentality of the extreme left-wing and of gay activists. And what went on in the video is just a preview on how ugly they will get. Many are being fooled if they think “gay” America, is all about love and peace. There is a radicalism within that movement which will attempt to force thier will and ideas upon the rest of the Nation with any means available, it will be brutal just as a jailhouse rape. I don’t know if the “majority” of homosexuals are like that, but the core of the ‘gay’ rights movement is. It would be naive to not understand the threat to our society.

It was the storm troopers in the street and the pressure from within that brought the NAZIs into power in Germany and those same tatics were evident in that video and how it was reported and not reported around the nation. The leadership will try to woo the nation with the face of “normal” America, while inciting thugs in the streets into violent confrontation. They will stage events to get press coverage, I know for I have done that myself in the past as part of the leadership of the left wing at the grass roots level. And they will get people to flood forums with saying statements from average people saying “I know gays and thay don’t act like” and other well meaning people unwittingly will do the same. There are many fronts on this campaign of thiers.:cool:

Thank you for being you, PAX

These are people who want to do sick things with other men. Look at what hatred they have for one lady by herself who disagrees with them. Where is the tolerance for her to speak her side?:blush:

I’m not an activist for homosexuality, but I will say this…I might be a bit angered too, if there is no ban one week, and the next week…there is a ban for me to get married. Why wasn’t this law thought through more, before lifting the ban on gay marriage in CA to begin with? It seems that what is fueling the gay community’s anger, is that it was told it could do something one day, and now it’s banned? And Ellen’s recent marriage still holds? It’s confusing to say the least. The ban should never have been lifted. To lift it and then ban gay marriage again not even a year later, I think, is what is causing this outrage in the gay community. Not saying their behavior is right by any stretch, but just sharing another view.

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