Gay adoption commercial

I dont know if anyones seen it, after my post I’ll look around and see if I can find a video of it somewheres…but it goes like this…

you know that movie ‘ice age’??? the latest one…with the dinosaurs?? the commerical is a clip, of that movie.

Sid, “Hi! I’m Sid! and I’m a mommy”

Narrator: "This is Sid- HE’s a MOMMY’’

Sid, " I love kids, love to protect them, love them (idk this part by heart but he’s going off on how he loves kids’

Narrator, ‘you dont have to be perfect- to be a parent’

little dinosaurs run up ‘mommy mommy’

-OH I have to find a link to the commerical because its DRIVING me crazy!..the basic point of it is, that, you can be gay, and be a good parent.

Which is possible, I’m not saying it isnt. I dont know every gay person-

I have a problem with, the whole, I’m a MAN, but I’m a MOMMY.

Ok, as a single mother, I might say that I am both my daughters mother AND father. In the way that I have the responsibilities of BOTH. however, I would NOT say that I am a ‘DADDY’…see what I’m saying?

My daughter doesnt walk up to me and say ‘daddy daddy’

Yes, you dont have to be perfect to be a good parent, but you DO need some sense of reality dont you?!?!??

IMHO- there are generally 2 types of homosexuals…1. The kind that know they are either male or female, and attracted to someone of the same sex…but have a general idea of reality…and then 2. those that think they are ’ a woman trapped inside a mans body’ and therefore a ‘mommy’ or vice versa…

I mean, theres not being perfect…and then theres straight up delusional…and this commerical - I SWEAR, I saw it once in the morning a couple days ago…and now…I see it maybe 2-3 times a day…its like they are promoting gay adoption…

heres the one I’m talking about:

I didn’t see it as a Gay adoption commercial, really.

I think in the film, the dinosaurs thought Sid, who seems to be some sort of mammal, was their Mom, even though they were different species of animals. :shrug:

I agree with Mary. I’ve seen the commercial several times already, and the thought that it was somehow pro-gay never even crossed my mind.

I agree with the other posters. I think the “mommy” thing is playing off of the intellegence and weirdness of the character “Sid” and also from his role in the story in the first Ice Age movie.

This commercial seem to be promoting the idea that there are children out there who need homes, and people should be considering adoption. Also, that people don’t need to wait until they are perfect to become a parent, just ready to welcome another human being in to their heart.

If more people are receptive to adoption maybe it will get people thinking about adoption, rather than abortion.

I agree with everything whitacre just posted…no absoultely…people should be adopting…

but i dont understand how i’m the only one who caught this, i guess, subliminal message…

‘HE’s a MOMMY’…
and its okay…because no ones perfect…:confused:

they are clearly illustrating that, even though a ‘parent’ may be ‘different’ than what the normal standard of ‘parent’ may be- ie, a MAN as a mommy instead of a female, that its ok- because they can still be a GOOD parent…

And- IMHO, a man who thinks he’s a mommy is delusional.

yeah, i don’t get it… why couldn’t they use the same exact commercial, but say “I’m a Daddy.” i don’t understand why making Sid the “Mommy” does anything to promote adoption that him being a “daddy” couldn’t do. i like the whole “you don’t have to be perfect message”, but they could have still said he was a Daddy. :shrug:

therefore, to me it says they’re pushing the gay agenda, but maybe i’m missing something?

It’s been years since I’ve seen those first two movies but I remember that character (he is a sloth) being pretty delusional. Though, it could be an agenda that I’m just numb to.

cheers :slight_smile:

hehe, and that’s what Sid the Sloth is. He’s wacky, socially awkward, and a little crazy.

OK, I’ll buy it that Sid the Sloth is just a little delusional. (I’m not familiar with the movies enough to know otherwise.)

However, WHY did they choose him as the “mascot” for their commercial? Why wouldn’t they have chosen, say Nemo, who only has a father – who does not call himself a “mommy”.

By choosing a male character who has a “mommy” identity, I think whoever came up with the commercial has a gay agenda even if it is an agenda NOT intended by


perfect…the nemo thing…i was searching my mommy mind for a good example but ended up drawing a mommy blank…lol…I’m sure ya’ll have been there…

Who knows. I honestly do think it has a lot to do with the character’s tendancy to pick up infants of all different species and call himself a “mommy” of that baby because he is so wacky. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me after seeing Ice Age 1 and 2. I am a HUGE fan of the movies (haven’t seen the third one though, the second one was on obvious decline, and I didn’t want to ruin the franchise by watching the third, which looked horrible). Nemo’s dad wouldn’t have worked in this situation because Marlin is an actual father of Nemo. Sid isn’t the father of anything, but he cares for infants that aren’t his own as if they were.

I really don’t think there is any hidden agenda at all. There could have been a million reasons they chose Sid. It could have been the fact that a lot of adults really love Ice Age AND it is a children’s movie so it has them thinking about kids. It could be that this was the only mascot that was widely popular and would allow them to use the name and image. It could have been that using him was the most effective at a low cost.

Even though he is wacky, I can see him calling himself a daddy more. He clearly has a sense of his gender and the gender of the mammoth and tiger as well as his own in his own romance scenes.

I saw the actual movie several times because my son has it on DVD. I, however, never saw the commercial.

In the movie, the dino eggs hatched and the first creature the dinos saw was Sid. So they thought Sid was their mother. Now I am as morally conservative as they come but I don’t think the movie, itself, was promoting homosexuality.

The commerical could be . . . OR it could be stating that race, social status, etc. doesn’t matter when raising a child. But I could understand the OP focusing on the “mommy” issue because in this awful liberal world we live in, homosexual lifestyles are stuffed down our throats on a daily basis. :mad:

I dunno if this is anything “new” I mean Dr. Seuss wrote the book “Are you my Mommy?” where the little bird asks everyone and everything if it’s his mommy.

I don’t think that this comercial is pro-gay just really silly. Which, is supposed to be the point. Also, in Sid’s case it seems more like a slip of the tounge…like when my friend Ryan happily announced that he was an Aunt when his neice was born.

awwww…that was one of my favourite books as a kid!! LOL

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