Gay Adoption


Hi. My aunt and I were talking the other day and she said that her cousin and his gay partner were being allowed to first foster than adopt 4 children from the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Could this be true? If so, what can I do?


Anything could be true.

Just because an agency calls itself “Catholic” doesn’t mean it is. In fact, in Canada “Catholic” schools are state/public schools as I understand it, and a brief look at this children’s agency website seems to indicate something similar-- is a government funded agency, but also states it is a part of Catholic Charities of Toronto.

Homosexual foster parenting and adoption violates the directives issued by the Vatican.

What can you do? First call the agency and ask its policies. If it turns out to be true, write to your Bishop, to the Catholic Charities organization, and to the Vatican.


I suppose getting them a savings bond would be an appropriate gift. They are tax free if used for college education.


What does the gay adoption have to do with religious diversity?

Their life style has nothing to do with their religious or otherwise belief system.


How is this relevant?


Again, how is this relavent?


who said anything about religious diversity?


you asked what you should do. I thought you meant what should you do about getting them a baby shower gift.


I doubt that is true.

I don’t know about the fostering side but in the UK, Catholic adoption agencies are closing rather than obey the Governemnt’s amended rules that gays are eligible to adopt children.
I agree with that. It is absolutely against Christian values to allow gays to adopt and it should never be allowed. The same should apply to fostering.


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