Gay artist to lose virginity in front of crowd of people in the name of ART (but he hasn’t told his parents yet)


A student has sparked outrage by declaring his intentions to lose his virginity in front of a crowd - in the name of art.

Clayton Pettet, 19, is to have gay sex for the first time in a gallery full of spectators for his ‘Art School Stole My Virginity’ project.

I can honestly say that I have never been more disgusted in my entire life! :(:mad:



How sad, I will be praying for this young man. He is a beloved child of God, meant to be loved and treasured. Now he is giving away the precious gift of his virginity in front of others for a show, this is so sad. Thank you for sharing so I know to pray for him.


When did homosexual sex become art?


Oh Wow:eek:


When did sex become homosexual? Poor misguided kid. Some deep seeded hurt there.


This is what you do when you want to be an artist but lack talent. Just another example of our “look at me” culture. And 20-somethings wonder why people call them narcissistic.

I’m glad that I didn’t lose mine in public. It would have been one of the shortest performance pieces in history :blush:


At least the insecure fools who do this sort of thing on the internet make it so the average normal person has to seek them out to see this garbage. I can avoid homosexual
virginity-losing videos if I want to; kind of tough to avoid when they are the featured act at the rotunda in the center of the local mall between J.C. Penny’s and the Apple Store.


I hope this is not some spontaneous surprise to the crowd there… I love art galleries and I’d be beyond furious if this all the sudden were to happen while I was there.


In what kind of universe would something like that be considered art?

Any mathematician who saw someone in public making a claim that m=ce^2 would howl out how preposterous such a statement was.

Arrtists, who have been allowing this deprecation of their craft for decades now, have made art itself as irrelevant as any mathematical claim of 3+3=5.


You know, I am saddened for this man but yet at the same time I am outraged that he is doing this. I am also shocked that he thought this was such a “good” idea that he planned for it for 3 years. What he is doing is nothing more than pornographic and public voyeurism and its disgusting. That’s not to mention that to me this seems like an attempt to make the homosexual agenda more appealing or something.

But anyway, this is just absolutely disgusting and I personally feel like the government ought to arrest this man, throw him in jail, prevent him from doing this, and outright ban anyone else from planning and especially doing future “shows” like this.

In addition, I honestly wonder if this man doesn’t have some sort of mental illness and I am serious by this. I mean, this is some shocking and serious attention seeking if you ask me. It seems to me that this man must have some sort of mental issues that he may need professional help for. I mean, let’s face it, normal people do not put on shows which publicly display them losing their virginity. And the same goes for normal gay people. They don’t do that either. So something tells me that this guy just flat out isn’t normal. I don’t mean this as an insult to him in any way and I don’t mean to be harming his reputation or anything. I am only speculating on what I seem to think is a symptom of some need for professional psychiatric help. In other words, I am saying this out of concern for him.

But yeah, let’s definitely pray for him and also for anyone who plans to view this disgusting display of pornographic voyeurism.


Me thinks, Our Father may be losing his sense of humor…this is sad that so many people seek their five minutes of fame. Over the last 4-5 years we have lost so much…what a reality show


I think it’s a hoax. I think the,"art"is watching people’s reaction to it.


My heart breaks for this young man. Whatever his motives are, he is a lost sheep in need of a shepherd.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death.

Mary, Mother of mercy,
Pray for us all And especially for this young man.


That is definitely an interesting viewpoint you have Estesbob.

To be honest, I just wonder if perhaps this man and his “partner” aren’t voyeuristic and they are just doing this for the excitement?


People do crazy things for art.


If they’re planning on doing this in public there would probably be a law against it, as there would be against anyone having sex in public. Which they would probably be well aware of now if they were not before. 10 to 1 they aren’t going to go through with it - it’s not like they could claim discrimination if they were arrested or anything.


You are right. This is about the epitome of insane if you ask me.

I don’t know if they do it or not. Perhaps they have had this publicized in the media just for their 5 minutes of fame or something. I really have no idea. I really hope they don’t go through with this. It would be an incredibly insane and stupid thing to do and definitely gravely immoral.


People do crazy things and call it art


I hope this young man has a vision of Hell tonight . He needs to be shocked into sense


I completely agree. I hope and pray that something happens which brings him to repentance. I hope and pray for his conversion. I’d like to see both him and his “partner” in Heaven someday. However, what he is planning to do is gravely sinful and so I sincerely hope he repents of these plans and turns his life over to God and starts living for God.

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