Gay-Baiting Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Christian Cake Baker: ‘His Whole Life Is Gay’


Gay-Baiting Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Christian Cake Baker: ‘His Whole Life Is Gay’

John Nolte 17 Aug 2018 Breitbart News

Jimmy Kimmel employed age-old homophobic tactics Thursday night to attack a Christian cake artist for refusing to bake a transgender-themed cake.

Like a gay-baiting schoolboy, Kimmel taunted Jack Phillips — the Colorado cake artist who just won a Supreme Court case protecting his religious freedom and freedom from compelled speech — as a closeted gay man.

Using homosexuality as a pejorative, which is the very definition of homophobia, Kimmel not only accused Phillips of being gay, but mocked him for looking like a woman.

“It’s funny because this is a guy who spends all day, every day, meticulously designing flowers out of icing — his whole life is gay, okay?” Kimmel said. . . .

. . . If the government can force a cake artist to make a certain kind of art, why not late-night comedians? What would stop the government from telling Kimmel or Colbert or Fallon that they must tell jokes that mock leftists or abortion or same-sex marriage or transgenderism?

Leftists like Kimmel are now so blinded by ideology they are not only no longer standing up for artistic freedom, they are revealing a latent homophobia to express their seething anti-Christian bigotry.


Typical liberal. If it weren’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any. People who make fun of other people’s looks are disgusting. The Hollywood entertainers don’t get in trouble for that save for Rossanne. Ironically she was seen as somewhat supportive of Trump. :thinking:


I don’t necessarily like Kimmel, but I thought it was a funny joke. I mean, Kimmel is a comedian.

I guess the writer of this Breitsart blog has been offended by this joke. It was not a politically correct joke, but since when has Brietbart’s base been the PC type?


For the most part, that’s true. Some people invite it (although I don’t think this baker did), but that’s a different story.

Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!

Who said that?


Trump often makes fun of people’s looks. I don’t approve of it. But the liberal Hollywood types are the one’s who hold themselves out as being virtuous and make a big deal out of how bad bullying is. They are hypocrites. Trump is just Trump.


Remember ALL of Jimmy Kimmel the next time he is virtue-signalling to America about “Trump” or a Christian man in Colorado.

This from a prior post of mine showing how Kimmel is possibly molesting girls (under age females), and when he thinks of their age, Kimmel isn’t concerned about them.

Kimmel is concerned about HIMSELF . . . .

“Well we don’t want to get old uncle Jimmy thrown in jail do we”


From me from another post . . .

Plenty of people have made Kimmel’s “issues” with him abusing girls or young women known, like here, here, and “this guy”, Steven Crowder, who HAS BEEN suspended by Twitter has reminded us about the same Kimmel outrageous behavior here.

And even with Kimmel comments like “Well we don’t want to get old uncle Jimmy thrown in jail do we” to this young girl or woman, . . . was STILL refusing to condemn Kimmel! (which suggests to me, that this is MORE about POLITICS, than it is about PRINCIPLES OF FAIRNESS").

Remember this type of mentality Kimmel has, as Kimmel attacks Christians on his “show”.

Remember also the constant excuse-making you hear from guys that love BIG domineering bullying tech firms. They love em, and will see to go to far end to ecuze even the most inexcuzable behavior.

And they wonder why people vote for “Trump”.


I don’t know who Jimmy Kimmel is. I will say this war Colorado is waging on this guy is just amazing. It is so infantile; he is a cake baker not a political or religious leader; he is a private citizen and small business owner. He has a case for harassment against the person who did this as I heard it, along with the larger religious liberty issue. Washington State is very similar to Colorado - militantly out of their minds. Scary but also so stupid it is hard to know what to think. This is the kind of stuff that will re-elect Trump.


FollowChrist34 . . .

This is the kind of stuff that will re-elect Trump.

You may very well be right FollowChrist34.


Yeah same here.

Who is Jimmy Kimmel and why should I care what he thinks?

The nonsense spewed forth from the chattering class should be relegated to the background.


Maybe it’s all that pot?


Both sides claim virtue. Hypocrisy is hardly limited to the political left.


This is a surprisingly good point coming from Brietbart. These kind of comments are homophobic, and they also conceal the fact that homophobia is a product of heteronormativity and “straightness.” Comments like Kimmel’s basically deny the fact that straight people are often homophobic, essentially stating that homophobia is a product of being secretly gay. Performative liberals who go around accusing homophobes of being “gay” should be condemned.


If I was a baker, and somebody forced me to bake a cake that went against my beliefs…well let’s just say it would be a bad idea for that person to eat that cake.


The other solution I liked was: “I’ll bake your cake, and then I will donate all the money from your cake to (anti-gay activist group).”

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