Gay bishop backs Planned Parenthood

’ Our defense against religious people has to be a religious defense.

Dear Sirach,

Thank you for posting this story. That the Episcapol Church would permit such heresy is unfathomable! It makes me sick and forifies why the Roman Church must remain structured as it is. More and more it is evident that the **only **church where truth can be found is the Catholic Church. The others just go along with popular opinion in society.

May God help us all-- particularly the innocent & defenseless unborn!


:mad: Yes thank you for posting this,God spare us from this kind of evil being taught from the pulpit:(

[quote=Sirach14]’ Our defense against religious people has to be a religious defense.

Kind of proves the point that sin promotes more sin. Next, he’ll be for legalizing dope.

[quote=Sirach14]’ Our defense against religious people has to be a religious defense.

is that what ‘disordered’ means when referencing homosexuality in the CCC??

[quote=Tietjen]Kind of proves the point that sin promotes more sin. Next, he’ll be for legalizing dope.

Isn’t that interesting: abortion is legal, pot is not…

[quote=Seeks God]Isn’t that interesting: abortion is legal, pot is not…

Civilly legal maybe, but I’m speaking of a higher authority.
God bless.

[quote=Tietjen]Civilly legal maybe, but I’m speaking of a higher authority.
God bless.

Oh, I realize that. I was just over-stating the obvious.

A mutual use. Both parties know support is slipping so like two drowning rats they are clinging to each other, hoping that the other will save them.

Lisa N

Both are for procreation-free sex. Sounds like a match made in you know where (no, not Heaven).

[quote=Tietjen]Kind of proves the point that sin promotes more sin. Next, he’ll be for legalizing dope.

I instead think he’ll legalize fornication and adultery

How. . . .can one give any moral credence to a man who abaondoned his wife and daughters. . .then becomes a publicly avowed homosexual. . .???


Now, I expect Planned Parenthood to invite a critter such as Robinson, and in many ways, I expect him to natter just as he did. . .but my CAP QUESTION above still stands.

I noice the use of his term “nuance”. I get into the most vociferous arguments with a very vocal homosexual on another forum and he uses this term all the time. Claims I’m “close-minded” and indifferent to “nuance.”

I hate it when the language gets hijacked by Liberal Loons. “Nuance” is a cool word, but it sounds like it’s becoming LibSpeak as an antonym for “orthodox”.

Planned Parenthood’s fifth annual prayer breakfast

whats that all about? satan must be laughing over the planned parenthood ‘prayer breakfast’…

the whole article just made me sick… “take back our scriptures”… “fight religous people with religious people”, “teach folks that two opposite conclusions can both be true, calling it tension” - what is this guy now, the Sun Tzu of modernism?

[quote=Tietjen]Kind of proves the point that sin promotes more sin. Next, he’ll be for legalizing dope.

What about him is illegal?

ARRGGGHHH! A Methodist minister is PP’s “chaplain?” Good grief.

As to Robinson, to equate ‘escaping’ his marriage and being able to live with a man with Moses leading his people out of slavery is really not a very good image to use. HOW did that man get elected Bishop? His faith formation is decidedly lacking

Lisa N

[quote=Scott_Lafrance]What about him is illegal?

Nothing that I am aware of. Why do you ask?

Another gender bender, talking complete and utter hogwash, how can anyone take seriously someone that condemns a child to the possibility of been raised by two mommies, or two daddies.
Or even worse, condemns a child to death by abortion.

“We need to teach people about nuance, about holding things in tension, that this can be true and that can be true, and somewhere between is the right answer…” Quote from Robinson

From this quote, it sounds as if the agenda is to eliminate critical thinking, or maybe he never had any. True is true, The right answer is NOT “somewhene between” two truths.
This is Newspeak in “nuance.” If you parse that sentence, it makes no logical sense. Neither does anything else he says, yet I can see people in his audience nodding sagely to these profound utterances.
A Planned Parenthod prayer breakfast could be no other way than this. None of it makes any sense whatsoever!

In the interest of charity, I cannot say what I am thinking. This is an outrage!!! Episcopalians should be rioting in the streets! :mad:

I am Episcopalian and glad that someone started this thread. I wish I had a street to riot in!

When all “went down” on his election…I spoke to my priest. He brought up an argument that, in my opinion, was unbiased. He said…every denomation has a “gay” community. I let it go. Many in our church left when all of this happened. They went to Protestant churches that don’t believe in homosexuality and some went to the Catholic church.

My back ground…I am attend a Pro-life Ministry group at the local Catholic church. I have come across some “crossroads” in trying to get my church involved with the pro-life movement. To say it bluntly…the Episcopal church doesn’t have a “firm” stand on abortion. My priest says they oppose it, except in extreme cases, and abortion is a serious matter that a woman should discuss with her Priest…now come on…how many women having abortions have a Priest to consult with?

Anyway, after I read this article…I immediately printed out and “ran” by the church to talk to my Priest, unfortunately he wasn’t there…and unfortunately this past Sunday we all found out the he is resigning. He will be busy moving and all the involves that…so I have decided that it probably would do me NO GOOD to talk to him now. Well, I am fed up…I am depressed…and right now, I am “at odds” with the Episcopal Church. So, if I can, I want to rant here…

*He says " The reason I love the Episcopal church is that it actually trusts us to be adults"…*He’s talking about the women who make a decision to have abortions…doesn’t he know that Banned Parenthood offer abortions to minors withput parental consent?

*He says “I 'm sure there must be individual congregations and certainly individuals, who are off the deep end about this issue”… *So I, a fellow Episcopalian to this man, am crazy for thinking abortion is outright murder? This statement really pissed me off! I’m still ranting…sorry!

Then compares his “out of the closet” experience with the Passover story. HUH?

Calls the Pro-Life movement “so-called”…and if “they” can get people “whipped up” about abortion…Blah…blah…then people won’t talk about “real” issues…Excuse me…Abortion is real, dummy!

Last but not least…*He says…" PP is an organization that Ihave always admired and respected. It does such extraordinarily fine work and I am happy to be associated with it." *

Now, make me puke!

The way I see it, this man is an “outcast” and Banned Parenthood is an “outcast” and they have found each other.

In my opinion, You are looking at a wolf in sheep’s clothing here.

Help! I am so trying to be Christian about this…what can I do? I probably need to run to the nearest Catholic church and say…Here I am, what do I do now?

Any other Episopalians out there?

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