"Gay Bomb" and Other Goofy Military Ideas

I didn’t post this on the secular news forum because it’s several years old - I found it while browsing LifeHacker topics - but it’s so funny thought I’d share. Our Tax Dollars At Work!!


Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

:: Snerk, snerk, snerk:: The gay bomb, if it worked, would be a riot to use on Islamic terrorists, considering their utterly NASTY attitude toward the same-sex attracted.

:: Gay bomb goes off over a Taliban training camp::

Random Taliban trainee: :: Thinking, while looking at the guy in the next bunk:: Hm, Achmed looks very handsome tonight – Wait, I am thinking like a dirty American pig, but why can’t I help myself? Gaaah!!!

When did this research begin?
In the spoof issue of Analog science fiction magazine there was a story using characters from Robert A. Heinlein about a research station developing an aphrodisiac as a weapon.
Of course, the conflict in the story was that no matter how hard they tried a few molecules of pheromones leaked past all the seals and filters, causing incidents between male & female staff.
How very quaint.

No clue. The article was in the LifeHacker archives for some reason. Robert Heinlein. Now there’s a name from the past. I started reading him when I was 18; that was (cough, hack) 40 years ago. That was back when girls didn’t read science fiction much. I had so many “adopted” big brothers though that it happened by osmosis…

When I read the title of this is reminded of that 80s movie ‘The Nude Bomb’

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