Gay' bull saved from the slaughterhouse, after being bought by dying co-creator of The Simpsons

A bull earmarked for slaughter because it is gay has been saved by The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon as the terminal cancer sufferer continues to spend his $100million fortune on animal rights causes.
Benjy, an Irish bull in County Mayo, Ireland, had been facing slaughter for being gay after a veterinarian declared his sexual orientation the reason he wouldn’t breed.
But when The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon heard of his fate, he put up £5,000 to buy Benjy and transport him to a sanctuary where he will now live out his natural life in peace.*


I think the vet needs a new job! :eek:


Only in the first world…


haha…good point!


There isn’t a rolleyes emoji big enough to cover this story, so I’ll have to settle for :rolleyes:


And you wonder why the rest of the world hates America…


Here, let me help:


Seriously… a gay bull… are you freaking kidding me.


I think I don’t want to know how you tell the difference between a gay bull and a bull with a low sex drive. I can assume that the bull didn’t try to mount another bull, because then I doubt it would be necessary for the vet to have to put it down (the other bull would probably have made great strides in that direction already).

But it is part of today’s culture that it is much more likely that people would be gay than that they could do without sex (asserted without being proven), so it must be the same with cows.

Seriously? :rolleyes:



What is amazing to me is that he has amassed such a sizeable fortune from “The Simpsons” even though he has had little to no involvement in the show beyond the beginning. I guess that’s what “co-creator” status gets you.


:rotfl: Tell me, did the owner of the bull kiss the blarney stone before the sale?
On second thought, maybe it was the vet who puckered up! :thumbsup:


Ferdinand? You’re still around?


Sorry, what does America have to do with it? The vet who decided that the bull was gay was Irish. And what is there to hate here? It’s stupid but not hateful. The guy who saved the bull was American, and it’s silly that he made a special case because someone said the bull was gay, but again, not hateful.



It is precisely the stupid stuff like this is why the world hates America. We’re so preoccupied with gay rights that we even want to extend it to animals.



Is the term “Gay Bull” ironic???


Personally, I think Simon is being had by a canny farmer and his in-cahoots vet.


This doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with gay rights to me. If you read the article he has been spending money on animal rights. He is protecting this bull from someone who as stated earlier need to find a different job then as a vet obviously


Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I thought artificial insemination was really common with livestock? I also don’t know much about the social lives of cattle, but unless this bull was in the habit of making other bulls mad by attempting any funny business with them, I don’t see why he needed a place to go at all.

In my limited experience with domesticated animals (household pets - cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits), I’ve found that many do not care about sex or species when attempting to mate. Doesn’t even have to be another animal. Inanimate objects also OK in their book (but try explaining it to your little sister when she asks what Fido is doing. :roll eyes:) Part of the reason they are animals and we are not. This vet sounds…strange. I would never think to assign a sexual orientation to an animal.


From my understanding, the bull refused to breed any of the in season cows he was put in pasture with but was acting very affectionately toward other bulls. The owner was going to euthanize him since a bull who won’t breed is useless. Then the story made the papers, a group tried to raise funds to save the life of a healthy animal that was going to be put down, and now the bull has a new home.

The only thing that confused me is the fact that the owner of this very expensive pedigreed bull did not have his sperm harvested to inseminate the cows. I guess I can see choosing not to use AI if the owner believes it to be morally wrong as it is in humans or if he feared homosexuality is genetic and the offspring might also refuse to breed.:shrug:

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