Gay Catholic to Synod: Please Protect the Teaching on Homosexuality


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I think this article represents a much more mature attitude to this issue than I’ve generally found on these forums. This person has not sought after or advocated any psychopathic gay-curing treatments, nor, seemingly, experienced any abuse or estrangement from his family. If this person has become a Catholic of his own volition, and been motivated to be chaste and “bear a cross” then more power to him.

However, I do take exception to his reference to a “slippery slope”. With regards to marriage, the secular definition still holds consent as essential, and as such the sorts of crazy suggestions that abound concerning child-marriage and marriage-to-inanimate objects is impossible.


Except… with regard to inanimate objects, this has been done in other countries (notably Japan). And of course Islamic marriage practices (with regard to age) have always been objectionable.

But if you don’t think the slippery slope exists here in NA, take a look at NAMBLA.


Depends to where you think the slippery slope is claimed to lead. It’s overreach to suggest it leads to abortion. But gay marriage certainly leads to “normalizing” gay relationships as s proper means of family formation, to models of “family” that ought to be represented in children’s story books, to gay couples as parent, to surrogacy and IVF, and so on…


FYI NAMBLA hasn’t existed for a decade AFAIK and has been functionally defunct even longer.


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