Gay chat line


I saw my first gay (male) chat line commercial the other night on broacast tv.

I guess it’s just a matter of time until this &%*$#@! airs in prime time.

Am I way out of touch, or is this new?


Well there have been a surprising lot of ‘lesbian’ scenes or lesbian story arcs on TV these days… now I pretty much wonder whenever a new series airs which of the two women on it will be lesbians… especially if it’s on HBO.

That and I once complained to teh history Channel over some commercials they aired concerning some L word show. On TV here late night they show pornography late at night. It’s absurd…


[quote=jdnation] On TV here late night they show pornography late at night. It’s absurd…

Hardcore? On broadcast?

I must admit though, as a kid, I liked to watch the Benny Hill show because they sometimes showed bare chested women.


In Vancouver BC, where I live, gay chat lines have been advertised on transit posters - train and bus for many years. I haven’t seen any ads on TV yet, but this summer Paul Martin’s Liberal government passed an unneccessary law – “Bill C-38” that they cleverly called “The Civil Marriage Act” as a way of insulting the 43.5% of the population that claim to be Catholic, so I can’t imagine how far off they are.

Hard core pornography on cable, and even on the public airwaves – mandated by the Broadcast Act to all corners of the country coast to coast to coast – is on as early as 7:30pm. Some of these programs are unrated, and so are not stopped by any parental control blocks that may be set up, no matter how restrictive. I’m not kidding.

No doubt some activist teachers will require all school children to be taken on a tour of gay chat line call centers on career day, without informing parents and without the possibility of a parental opt-out.

You may think I’m being nasty, but I honestly would not put something like this past our sad excuses for legislators. Unfortunately, most of us Canadians are not likely to vote in the January federal election, so, literally, God only knows what will be imposed on the population next, and by what special interest group.

We Canadians tend to justify this abdication of responsibility by saying something like “they [politicians] are all no good, none of them deserve my vote, I’m making a ‘moral statement’ by watching Simpsons reruns instead of voting.”

What a country. If you see this kind of thing coming to the U.S., I’m warning you from the voice of experience: put a stop to it.


Am I way out of touch, or is this new?
Nothing New.

TV shows keep gettin’ more and more stinky.
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Tune into EWTN or pick a good book and read…find better ways to be entertained…you pick…there are many to choose. That’s it…you could start a new thread…clean, refreshing, enriching forms of entertainment…list yours…go for it.


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