Gay Christians? Christian Ok....and Gay..well

In my opinion, based on teaching of the OHCAC and learned experience referencing the work of Dr. Nicolosi…and he says…

“The most important message we can offer,” Nicolosi says, “is that there is no such thing as a ‘gay child’ or a ‘gay teen.’ We are all designed to be heterosexual. Confusion about gender is primarily a psychological condition, and to some extent, it can be modified.”

The OHCAC says that there are “male and female He created them” and there are those that struggle with same sex attraction…using “homosexuality”…“homosexual tendencies” and “homosexual acts” as descriptors.

There can be no such thing as a “gay Christian”…it is a non-sequitor…however we find in the world those that agree and disagree uniting as Christian…

There exists…this…the gay Christian network…without a teaching Church there is a statement of faith

We believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians are full participants in God’s kingdom, and that the ways of holiness and the ways of sinfulness are equally available to them as to others. Recognizing this, we strive to live holy lives: turning to prayer, Scripture, and the leading of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will.

We affirm the need for the Body of Christ to be united in service to God. To that end, we recognize that personal conviction plays a part in many of the specific elements of Christian practice. We affirm that love and respect is owed to each member of this community as brothers and sisters in Christ, and this despite differences in personal conviction that will encompass questions involving sex, intimate relationships and the “Great Debate.”

When it comes to gay Christians, there’s one question that causes more debate than any other: Does God bless gay relationships? Or are gay Christians called to lifelong celibacy?

On this site there are accepted debates with those that agree and disagree…as there is not magesterium it is what I think and you think…and we unite under disagreement…

At GCN, we have members on both sides of this “great debate,” and some who just aren’t sure. And though this issue is hotly debated among Christians worldwide, we’ve decided not to debate it here. However, in the interest of discussion and dialogue about this very important subject, two of our members have written opposing essays expressing their very different points of view.

By one man, sin entered the world…we are all disordered and by one man we were made righteous…but to be “gay” is to deny that righteousness. To be gay is to accept the agenda and the lifestyle…to be Christian is to deny ourselves and the “gay” does not do that. There is no need to identify as “gay”

You post a lot about gay stuff.

Aside from anything gay or straight, how do you define “Christian”? (Although if sexual orientation is a key factor in your definition, I suppose it can’t be avoided.)

Gay people are people and like the Catechism says deserve the same dignity. However they have a greater responsibility not to act on their tendencies, just because your gay doesn’t mean you have to sleep with a guy or girl if your a lesbian. They have there own crosses just like heterosexuals do, it is what you do with that cross that makes a homosexual person in the right or wrong. Being gay is not a mental condition because then you need “medicine” for it. So that means to Gay people heterosexuals would need medicine in effect. but this is not the case. Of course you can be Gay and be a Christian just like I can be straight and celibate so can a Gay person. Just because I am straight does not mean that I have to have sex.

Why do they want the homosexual title to have more dignity then the heterosexual title? It seems like homosexuals want more rights then the average man. They are the ones trying to push their curses down our throat. I don’t hate men for any reason, and that includes homosexual men, no matter how they whine and moan about how we hate them, deep down they know they are wrong. So let them fight, because their will’s are short lived compared to a grain of sand on the shore of time.

There’s a LOT of need for LGBTQIA Pride. When there is a group of people who are treated as lesser than others in society on a large scale, then there is a problem and a massive need for change. This is the same ridiculous argument that I hear directed at women’s rights. What’s wrong with people wanting to be treated like they are actually human beings? (Not that that title means much in a world which has been ruined by humans, but when people are actually looked at as equals, that title won’t be such a shameful one to have).

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Would you be willing to share examples?

Are you sure they have a greater responsibility than the rest of mankind? I thought they faced the same temptations as the rest of us, just directed at a different subset of humanity. After all, you said it yourself:

Just because I am straight does not mean that I have to have sex.

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I am thrilled to find I am not the only person who feels this way!!! The gay agenda is being shoved down our throats & this is a primary tactic used to do so. Others are made to believe Catholics are at fault for following the teachings of their religion. They gay groups find it perfectly acceptable to Catholic bash but start labeling those who do not agree with them as homophobic. It is as if their opinion is the only one that matters.

I attended Catholic school through high school and have always been a practicing Catholic. I have NEVER heard a priest or nun bash homosexuals. I was taught the homosexual is sinning when he engages in homosexual sex, not when he gets up in the morning and goes outside. The Church has not taught me it is a sin to be gay. Rather that the gay sex act was a sin. FYI, I was taught that any and all sex outside of marriage is a sin and against the commandments. This does not mean that anyone who commits these acts is judged by Catholics & the same goes for gays. God is the judge. Anyone who is sorry can go to confession. The church teaches us to be kind to others and love all. It does not demonize gays, no matter what others try and make the public believe.

I look at the pope and see pure love emanating from him.He is the head of the church and has NEVER said we should be bashing homosexuals, but that is the impression some gay groups give. It sickens me. The Holy Father has never directed bigotry toward any group.

The definition of a Christian is someone Baptised into the Body of Christ. The Covenant formed in Baptism is irreversible. One may separate one’s self from the Body through sin, but one is still a Christian.

Every one of us is a sinner. Having homosexual attraction is not, in and of itself, a sin. The Church holds that homosexual acts are, but God is all merciful, and is eager to forgive. Sexuality is a part, but not the whole, of whom a person is.

It is not my job to judge others. I cannot know what is in another’s heart. It is my job to treat every human being as a fellow child of God.

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People seem to think that the Roman Catholic Church is the church that despises Gays and Lesbians.

In my hometown we had a big debate about equalizing the age of consent for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. The Roman Catholic Diocese remained completely quiet and didn’t involve itself in this debate. The -EVANGELICALS- (not Catholics!) went crazy with this issue and in court began bringing up biblical arguments in a secular institution specifically when the Judge said that he would not accept religious arguments in a secular institution. They began saying that God doesn’t love gays, etc.

In the end the age was equalized. The Evangelicals which opposed it really didn’t help themselves by not understanding the line between state and religion.

The Roman Catholic Diocese issued a statement after the case saying that Homosexuals are not sinners and that sexual intercourse is viewed by the Church as something to make children not pleasure and only within marriage. Thus, since two men can’t make children,(which is a bond to procreate) they aren’t allowed to marry according to the Church.

They took a completely commendable attitude to the issue and really showed our community that homosexuals need to be loved but that certain things in society are reserved to heterosexuals simply because that is the way God created things.

Nice anecdote - thanks for sharing!


I went back and counted all the threads I started. The number is 54. The number concerning homosexuality is 8. It appears that I have to post at least 47 more threads about gay stuff to cause this statement to be true.:slight_smile:

Of course it’s possible to be a gay Christian. As ABEACHGIRL said, a gay person sins when he (or she) engages in homosexual sex, not when he gets up in the morning and goes outside. And not when he acknowledges he is gay.

It really puzzles me why some here think there’s something wrong with acknowledging one is gay. The Church doesn’t say that.


May I elevate you in spirit and wisdom. This is key in understanding what is what. First you define what it is to be a Christian and then all else follows. Unfortunately I believe that this group identifies first in their humanity and then attempt to identify in Christianity.


I have had this discussion before and to refer to someone as gay is to label them. We are born male and female. Our sexual attraction does not change our DNA. We are XX or XY. If the person is XX with same sex attraction and acts on it that does not designate that person as gay.


Well, I’ve got the time if you do, CC. :stuck_out_tongue:


XX…Women have rights. Womens Rights. Fight for them.

XX or XY with sexual attraction other than heterosexual. Why do they deserve special rights. If they are XX then they can fight for women’s rights. If they are sympathetic XY then they can fight for womens rights.

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