Gay clergy...a novel idea

I keep reading about homosexuals ordained in Protestant denominations that prohibit practicing homosexuals from being ordained. They know this, but choose to deceive their denomination and get ordained anyway. We have had that problem in our Church as well. It is unethical to deliberately get ordained when you know you don’t accept what your denomination teaches or the responsibilities of the office. It is a lie. Sure some at that moment want to live morally and they later may fail. That is one thing, but to deliberately lie is another.

So here is a novel idea. Don’t get ordained. Join a denomination that says it doesn’t care what you do morally. Be truthful and back out. Be honest and don’t be ordained in a denomination that you don’t believe in. A Protestant can choose many denominations that accept practicing homosexuals. A Catholic however, if he is to remain Catholic, must choose to not be ordained. It is wrong to try and “change” a denomination by such unethical means.

I left my former denomination because I came to believe in Catholicism. I didn’t try to import Catholicism on the unsuspecting. I followed my conscience and left. I believed that was the honorable thing to do. Far more honorable then what many homosexuals are trying to do to their denominations or to our Church for that matter. Just a thought.

I am puzzled (by many things, see my screenname) but especially about the Catholic outrage directed against denominations that ordain openly gay persons to ministry. Since the Catholic church hierarchy, at least in Europe and America, apparently has been following a don’t ask don’t tell policy for decades (and paying the price for it), what is the kefaffle about?

I speak as a former Protestant minister. I left when I disagreed with my denomination. That is honorable. It grieves me to see others destroy their denominations. But you are correct. We have ordained men who had no intention of obeying their promise of celibacy. An expensive lesson. I hope we learned something. Also I hope the Protestants learn before they pay the same price.

The American bishops ordained homosexuals as priests in defiance of the directives of Rome. They – and we, the faithful – are paying the price for it.

[quote=Katholikos]The American bishops ordained homosexuals as priests in defiance of the directives of Rome. They – and we, the faithful – are paying the price for it.

Why did they do so? Until we answer that question we will not even have skimmed the surface of the causes of the sex abuse scandal.

Same reason I left my former denomination. Although the abortion issue was more important, I was also disturbed by a very clear rule against homosexual clergy and the absolute ignoring of that rule. I asked my minister if the rule was wrong, then why wasn’t it changed rather than having everyone wink and nod? He had no answer and said that was one of the problems with a church where you could change the rules by voitng. This denomination had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and while there were a number of homosexuals, and certainly both their congregations and the bishop knew about it, nothing happened… THat is UNTIL these homosexuals basically went to their bishops and basically called them out, stating they were homosexual and living with a homosexual partner.

It was very tough on this denomination. One minister wasn’t defrocked but after putting the entire denomination through hell, decided she was going to stay home and take care of her son with her lesbian partner. The other one who went through a similar process was just defrocked.

Of course look at the Episcopalians. This issue is going to tear their church apart. I happened to be at a lecture at a very liberal Episcopalian church recently and the lecturer claimed that homosexual behavior wasn’t abnormal despite Biblical comment to the contrary. This brought a huge cheer from the audience but I don’t think this comment would play out well in a more conservative area.

What I don’t understand is the hubris of an individual who thinks his or her sex life is more important than the church itself. These few individuals have created havoc and to what end? You are right IMO they are lacking in honor.

Lisa N

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