Gay 'Conversion' Therapy

I wanted to share this three part video on gay conversion therapy. I think it’s good because it’s well balanced in the sense that it shows people with same sex attraction who dislike conversion therapy because it doesn’t work in the sense of changing sexuality. However, it also gives the side of people who do it because it helps them live a chaste lifestyle. I think as Catholics, it’s important to make people with same sex attraction welcome because this documentary shows how people will likely lose faith if they are pushed into the LGBT community:



Sigh. It is time that the church starts to approach things from a different angle.
Here are some thoughts from a German bishop:
Blessing same-sex unions

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“It is time that the church starts to approach things from a different angle.”

This will NEVER be the Catholic Church’s way. And it shouldn’t be. If the Catholic Church changes it’s teachings and rules for every whim of the world then it won’t be the Catholic Church anymore.


I don’t know enough about theology to make an informed opinion on what needs to change. I think the sex scandal showed that something needs to change. However, my immediate priority is trying to keep people with same sex attraction in the faith and away from the clutches of the LGBT community.


Very well. It is a far stretch from trying to “cure” homosexuals to consider to bless homosexual relationships, as the German bishop brought up. There seems to be a wide range of opinions within the Catholic church.


How a Church bishop plans on blessing homosexuals living an unchaste lifestyle is quite a mystery indeed.


This is just a polite way of saying the bishop is talking nonsense.

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It’s his personal opinion and nothing else. The Catholic Church will NOT do this.

What does this therapy do? I’m confused, does it change sexuality or not?

Glad you agree that it is nonsense.

More like those bishops need de frocked.

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Probably not. They’re generally not regarded as helpful.

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I am a layman and cannot and will not judge the bishop´s words.

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If a bishop says abortion is allowed if a mother is poor and unable to take care of the child, you most certainly should be suspicious.


We can’t judge his heart, but we certainly must exercise prudential judgment about the words and actions of anyone calling themselves “Catholic”, even if they are a clergy member. His office does not make it right to promote anti-Catholic agenda.


A lot of people miss the point…there is nothing sinful about Same Sex Attraction, just as there is nothing sinful about being attracted to the opposite sex.

Acting on attraction outside of marriage is the sin, whether hetrosexual or homosexual.

So as long as the person with SSA abstains from sexual activity, then there is no need for “conversion”.

I personally know of 3 members of religious orders (one priest, two brothers) with SSA who live celibate lifestyle, perhaps only as a result of their vows, but then again, they are not in need of “conversion”.

With the percentage of those with SSA compared to adulterers and fornicators who are hetrosexual, you would think as much outcry and call for action would be made against those actions.

But, it doesn’t shake out that way, because the main source of the outrage is against the person we see as different, and therefore must be “bad”, while giving those who are similar to us a pass for indiscretions.


Is it even possible to change from SSA to straight? I doubt it. But then again I don’t know much about conversion therapy

The difference is no one is saying fornication and adultery are good.

Modern society wants to change a sinful lifestyle into good.

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I doubt it as well.

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