Gay conversion therapy?


That’s more of a medical/scientific question rather than a moral or religious one. You can have various opinions about various forms of conversion therapy as people continue to try and cure it and other seek to be cured.

I’ve known several people over the years who have switched sexual preferences, it happens, but i don’t think there is a consensus yet on how to make it happen.

The Catholic Church no more has an opinion on this than they do on other questions of therapy and which treatments are effective in other ailments. Does the 12 step program work for alcoholism? It has for some people, and failed for others, example given. Behavioral health is tough to really nail down but really isn’t part of the Catholic faith.


Being attracted to your own sex isn’t a sin. Acting on it is.


There’s a small percentage of the population that very strongly leans towards attraction to the same sex with little or no attraction to the opposite sex. Most everybody else is varying degrees of bisexual with a strong preference towards the opposite sex. With a Christian lifestyle any latent attraction that might exist with the average person towards the same sex will remain undeveloped, but a promiscuous lifestyle will and does create a lot more people who are actively bisexual. This is called “chasing the dragon” in the world of drugs and the same principle applies to sexuality. As barriers go down and people look for more and more thrill to try to make sex exciting, they are willing to do more things.

So sexuality is to some extent malleable for the general population, but as far as those people who are very strongly SSA, there’s no evidence that any kind of conversion therapy will make them do a 180 and suddenly be straight.

In past centuries, when sexuality was more taboo, homosexual people usually just got married like everybody else and had kids anyway. This is how it generally worked for the past 150,000+ years. I remember a gay person who was married on another forum telling me that he doesn’t find vaginal sex repulsive or unpleasurable, but the actual attraction wasn’t there. He loved his wife as a person, but he was sexually attracted to men. I’m not sure how possible this would be in the 21st century which is much more hypersexualized than any previous generation. It seems dishonest for a husband or wife not to tell their spouse about this.

So for therapy, I think productive Catholic therapy would be more about living as an SSA person, finding purpose, happiness, etc., versus trying to become straight. Anything that will actually change a person’s sexuality in the future would probably be based on gene editing or other techniques that affect physiology.


I never thought anyone from college would actually be in favor for it…I mean, don’t all the college trendies squash and and all favourability to conversion therapy?


It was a “dynamically orthodox” Catholic college. :grin: There’s a different breed of college folk in such places. :wink:


Of course they are accepted. Some Catholics (and samples of other believers, and unbelievers) sometimes made remarks that are cruel about gays and all other persons. Catholics do other.bad things too. Unfortunately.
The Church teaching reflects.the Natural Law, which is older than the Church, not a church made rule or discipline.


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