Gay couple blessings ruled out by Church of England bishops



The House of Bishops - one of three parts of the church’s General Synod - also said people in a same-sex marriage should not be ordained as bishops, priests and deacons, nor should those in the ministry enter gay marriage.

“The House is not willing for those who are in a same-sex marriage to be ordained to any of the three orders of ministry,” the bishops said. “In addition, it considers that it would not be appropriate conduct for someone in holy orders to enter into a same-sex marriage.”

The legislation already forbids the Church of England and its sister Church in Wales from conducting same-sex marriages, although other religious groups can opt in if they want


This is good news, but it may be better to take it farther and speak out against the sinfulness of homosexual acts. :yup:


Exactly. If homosexual marriage is value neutral (or even good), then why should Church oppose it.

Oh, I can guess. For “pastoral” reasons.


I agree, I’m surprised in a good way, by this.


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