Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic

What can be said?

This is why the “homophobia” label is the gay communitys biggest weapon against the diversion of the responsibility of their actions. I have a feeling this is happening alot more than we think because people are afraid of being labeled a “bigot” or homophobe and thus it goes unnoticed.

How sad for all these young boys, eight year old twins.and a 14 year old with Asperger’s syndrome. They had access to eighteen children in just fifteen months. I wish the article would have listed the ages of all the children.

They already had problems and then to potentially ruin their live by now adding “sexual abuse” by their caregivers, homosexual men; it’s just too much.

That’s why the church is struggling so hard to protect the human family and marriage between one man and one woman…to protect children!

And how many heterosexuals abuse their children? Plenty. The crime here is abuse, not that they are homosexual. Abuse is abuse, whether done by straights or gays.

I know two kids that grew up in a samesex household, both of those households are intact. While out of all my friends that grew up with a ‘mom’ and a ‘dad’. The family was broken more often than not by divorce, cheating, abuse sexual and/or physical. I would rather have been raised in a tolerant samesex household than a ‘real family’. One that would toss me out on the street at 17.

Abuse of a good does not make it any less good, and the apparent ‘goodness’ of an abuse doesn’t mean it isn’t an abuse. :shrug:

My parents divorced, must mean real marriages were never meant to work, by your logic.

What logic? I am giving an example of the logic of this story. Apparently since one homosexual couple abused their charges, all would.

It wasn’t meant to be logical, that’s the point, because the initial point isn’t. I would rather have been raised by a loving, caring homosexual couple, than a heterosexual one that would make me homeless at 17.

Of all communities of people, there will inevitably be imperfection. I certainly didn’t say that it happened because they were gay.

I had to do a project for Contemporary Issues class about families with gay parents. Surprise, surprise, they had just as many troubles and harmonies as any other secular family. But still nothing like a good Christian family, not that those are perfect either.

I and several of my friends were forced onto the street and homeless before we even finished highschool by ‘good Christian families’ because we were not-straight. A ‘good christian man’ beat me saying that the fear of god and the pain would make me repent. Then the ‘good christian cops’ laughed at me when I tried to report the crime.

I have been treated far worse by Christians than any other group in this country by far. I have been abused, beaten, fired, thrown out and nearly raped, just because I am different.

Does that mean all Christians are evil and mean? Of course not. But just one single simple example of a homosexual couple being bad parents does not make them all that way. I was raised in what would be considered an ideal home, but I was cast out by that same home. Why? Because the bible told them to, how is that ‘good’?

That’s very true, but the point of the article (and, afaik, the Daily Mail isn’t a bastion of right wing conservativism, is it? I’m in the U.S., so I don’t know for sure) is that the abuse went uninvestigated because the social workers (or whatever their titles are in the U.K.) didn’t want to appear homophobic. If it were a heterosexual couple, they probably (a say probably b/c social workers do slack off and kids fall through the cracks in all cases) would have been investigated and the kids removed immediately. Like the article stated, it was a case of political correctness run amok, and the poor kids paid for it. IMO, a big red flag should have gone up as soon as they requested only boys. Since when do foster parents get to be so picky?

In Christ,


Ah yes, because the Catholic church has never mistreated young boys.

As has been said, the shame here is that a crime has been committed against children. It wasn’t caused by homosexuality, nor are homosexuals more likely to mistreat children.

You’re correct. The Catholic Church has never mistreated young boys. Individuals might have, but the Church itself hasn’t.

And no pro-homosexual group has advocated the abuse of children either.

Have you heard of NAMBLA? They might not think of what they advocate as abuse, but it is.

No, I said homosexuals not pedophiles.


What about the constant shuffling of the priests that were abusers, the constant coverups and lack of response to complaints? The lack of direction or punishment from Rome?

I certainly hope that the actions of a couple morons won’t represent the rest of us. Im gay, yet I find this repulsive. Pedophilia is wrong in my book, regardless of your orientation. Also, homophobia and doing your job are 2 different things to me; that social worker didn’t do their job. Same would go for the ‘white cop, black suspect’ scenario; the police are doing their job as law enforcement, not discriminating against african americans. This coming from a guy who lives in a very homophobic, very racist community; Southern Baptists.

This is homophobia: I make a really long and welcoming post in an NSM forum( my need to test everything gets the better of me all the time). My next visit, it says “You have been banned. Reason: admitted non-white homosexual.” Homophobia is irrational, same as racism. Nazis only think we’re bad because Hitler said so. Thats homophobia that even Fred Phelps can’t top.


As I’ve said, individuals.

I know this will come as a shock, but humans sin, even the clergy.

To state that the Catholic Church itself is responsible for the abuses is to state that its doctrines and dogmas are responsible instead of placing the blame on and only the guilty individuals.

NAMBLA is a sick group which has been condemned by the gay community on numerous occasions

Unfortunately, they may be more mainstream by that community in years to come given the slide of our society.

What used to be taboo is now normal; what’s taboo now might be “normal” in the future. :rolleyes:

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