Gay couple to become fathers to three babies in just seven months after meeting 3 different surrogate mothers online


*Gay couple to become fathers to three babies in just seven months after meeting three different surrogate mothers online
Daryl Lee, 41, and Luke Harris, 50, have always wanted to have children
A gay couple are to become parents to three children by three women they met via surrogacy websites.
For the past 15 years, Daryl Lee, 41, and Luke Harris, 50, had longed to have children and joined a number of online forums in an attempt to find a suitable surrogate.
They made contact with one of the women, Becky Harris, 27, and through her met Bex Harris, 32, and Viktoria Ellis, 32.


They have a lot of money laying around to afford 3 surrogate pregnancies in one year’s time.


And they need their relationship subsidized with my tax dollars because???


Just as they need to subsidize your lifestyle and church because?..

I think we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black here. Let’s just bear that in mind.


If these men wanted to have children, they should have married women.
Now, they will be bringing three children into a disordered living situation. It is an injustice to the children.




I’m sure there are plenty of traditionally married people who get tax dollars that you don’t agree with, either. Heck, you may get tax dollars and people may not agree with your lifestyle.

If they can afford 3 surrogate pregnancies in 1 year, they probably aren’t getting much back during tax season. :shrug:


That is so true. This is such a childish, even ugly display of selfishness. We all have inner struggles, but when we bring others, particularly those who are defenseless, into these battles of ours, just makes me want to cry.


Once again the culture of narcissism rears it’s ugly head!


Horrible. That is so unfair to those babies, depiving them of mothers. I guess it’s all about worship of self today. :mad:


Yep, it is all about worship of self. It’s like they’re playing dolls here - fulfilling a dream.

Of course in the past, the Judeo-Christian tradition has guarded us against these excesses of ego and self-indulgence, teaching us to balance and restrain our desires for the good of others - keeping the common good at the core of the social structure.

For me, THIS is what the argument against gay marriage/adoption is about - nothing more.


So lets recap. 2 older gay men are going to be instant fathers to 3 infants? Even 2 straight parents would be overwhelmed by this. Heaven help us.:shrug:


Is non-existence better than existence?


I don’t know, but it is challenging growing up knowing you were just a commodity to one parent. Something to be sold or given away…

I’m a single dad, kids do need both a mother and father. I would never plan to bring them into a situation where they are deprived of one. Bad enough that they’re separated from parents via accident or divorce, why plan that from the start?


That’s not the point. I believe a rape victim should bear her child - the sins of the parents are not visited on the children. Doesn’t mean I advocate rape as superior to chastity because it brings souls into the world.

Also, I personally call the surrogate mothers equally to task here. Those kids will spend the rest of their lives wondering about their mothers, why their mothers didn’t want to raise them themselves as their children. They’ll never have that full maternal bond and support system - it was removed by choice not by necessity.


Even 1 infant at a time is often overwhelming for most parents! 3 at a time to older first-time parents – yikes. (I suspect that’s the reason God in his wisdom made naturally-occurring triplets and higher-order multiple births pretty rare, because 3 infants at once is a LOT of work and overwhelming.)


I’m a military spouse. Granted, I cannot have children, if it ends up to be the one-in-a-million chance, I would be a single parent during every deployment. People in the military bring children in the world knowing that deployments will happen. So children will be deprived of one of their parents, even if death doesn’t happen on deployment. Should those married and in the military not plan on having children, since they will be planning from the start that they will be away from their children up to a year? Also, if you aren’t a certain rank, you can’t have your family accompany you in over seas orders. You can go years without living with your spouse/children.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that same sex couples shouldn’t raise children. But I don’t agree with the idea of not having children because they would be deprived of a parent sometimes.


My heart cries for those three little ones.


But, in those instances (and I’m retired from the military with a lot of deployments) the children do know who their mother and father are, they do have relationships with them. They weren’t a commodity to be given or traded away, Mom or Dad are making a sacrifice in serving the country to hopefully make the wordl a better place for the kids. Kids do get to the age when the understand that. It is a hard life, no doubt. But it is far different than a kid knowing they were just a product to one of their parents. (again, assuming donor/surrogate vice adopted kids). Easier today than when I was on the ship with no email/VTCs or anything other than snail mail.


I suspect they will hire people to raise them just like they hired people to have them

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