Gay couple turned away from B&B by Christian owners

A gay couple were turned away from a bed and breakfast by its Christian owner who claimed it was against her convictions for two men to share a bed.

Michael Black and John Morgan from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, booked a double room at the B&B in Cookham, Berkshire, for Friday night.

When they arrived, Susanne Wilkinson and her husband Francis refused to allow them to stay. The owner said later that she had turned them away because it was against her policy to accommodate same sex couples. Black and Morgan claimed they were treated like lepers as a result of their sexuality. They reported the matter to Thames Valley police and have given a statement to police. Under the Equality Act 2006 it is illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The couple had been in the village, near Maidenhead, to meet some friends for dinner and to see a local play.

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homophobia: Definition from
homophobia n. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men. Behavior based on such a feeling.

First, to my way of thinking, there is a big difference between ‘fear’ and ‘contempt’. These people who run a B & B on their own property were perfectly within their rights to act on their conscience. I would have done the same thing, and suggested somewhere else they might have found a room, even offering to make phone calls to find them a place. I probably would have told them I would keep them in my prayers. No fear. No contempt. Just acting in accord with my Christian conscience. I would explain that also, and expect they would respect that. We answer to a higher Authority.

“Love the sinner, but hate the sin.” So what was wrong with refusing to be part of a sin and following the word of God? Its amazing how people are so quick to point out human laws for their protection, and then turn around and thwart the laws of God, and Jesus gives a severe warning to people who do so.

Everyone has the right to do as they please, i.e., turn people away. At the same time would Jesus have turned them away? He welcomed everyone, especially sinners, to be with Him. Maybe the couple could have welcomed them with Christ-like Love and then as they spoke around the breakfast table influenced them for Christ. They might do this by their loving hospitality and acceptance of them as people loved by God.

Totally agree; in this country, not very long ago, there were notices outside B&Bs: “NO IRISH”. Then they bought in the equality laws and spoilt the fun for everyone

And if they spoke to them & then these people didn’t care and went & had sex in their room anyway? Whats so wrong with not wanting to be part of a sin? whats wrong with calling sin by its name, SIN??? so many people get offended when they hear the truth today, if you have a problem with the truth, you have a problem with God. I think that many people today lose sight of the fact that the truth is not a something, the truth is a somebody and His name is Jesus Christ. I’m sure that people will say that I’m judging others and if thats truly the way you feel, I feel sorry for you. I think that too many people today are afraid to tell the truth, because they are worried about hurting someones feelings. “All that sin needs to exist is for good men and women to remain silent.”

You’re right, we don’t have to be a part of sin. I’m not saying they had to accept their sin or put up with it or anything. I just think showing love is more effective at turning people away from sin than anything else. If you read my many other posts, you would see I love God’s Truth and have spoken it many times on these forums. You know, but more times than not it falls on deaf ears, and we that have the Truth that tell it to these people get accused of being homophobes and they have so many false arguments to the contrary where they don’t even hear the truth.

I believe that the only way to bring sinners to Christ is to show them love and friendship, and that is when we can tell them about Jesus, gently but firmly, so that they might come to know the Truth and be set free!

How many times has God shown us His love with us turning away from Him and going off and sinning? He always comes back and shows us His love again and again by forgiving us.

“Black and Morgan claimed they were treated like lepers”

Wow, these guys need to be charged with hatred towards lepers.

AMEN!!! I have heard gay couples compare the discrimination that they go through to what blacks went through for equal rights, I wonder how many black people would agree with that. I also find it very ironic how something like this makes it into the news, but things that homosexuals do to thwart Gods word, and acts of violence & discrimination towards religious institutions and others isn’t reported. Every year gay rights advocates have a giant gay fest in California where things take place there like men dressing up as nuns, and calling themselves the sisters of mass consumption. Also at this same gay fest, a statue of Jesus on his knees is placed out for everyone, and people are persuaded to come up to the statue & hump Jesus. did any of you ever hear about that in the news? Last year a Bishop was celebrating Mass in a church in California when a group of gay rights activists stormed into the church during Mass and marched up to the altar. many of them went up on the altar and started making out & feeling each other up, and on their way out of the church, they pulled the fire alarm. again, how many of you honestly heard about that on the news?

P.S. The more I think about the statement from Neil Anthony that “these people should be charged with hatred towards lepers”, the more truth I find in that statement. In the days of Saint Francis of Assisi, it was said that lepers carried around bells with them and would ring these bells and shout out “unclean” when they saw other people approaching. On the contrary, homosexuals loudly and proudly tell people how proud they are to be gay and how gay they are. They put themselves above the word of God, hide behind man made laws and are very proud to do so.


erm… do you have any evidence to support those claims?

As far as the thread topic… I am not familiar with English law, so maybe I am wrong. But surely she could have anticipated that when opening what is essentially a hotel (even if she doesn’t see it that way), that she wouldn’t be able to turn away people because she disagreed with their beliefs. Would she also expect to be able to reject Catholics or Pagans because she disagreed with their practices?

Hey DaleM, Its hard to support these claims when the secular media won’t report them. they are overwhelmingly pleased to report just the opposite, but when the truth is attacked, not so much. I would go search and find something on the net, but I’m not a computer whiz & I wouldn’t know how to cut and paste it on here anyway. I’m sure if your looking for proof on either of the stories I mentioned above though, you would be able to find them easily. maybe someone with more computer smarts than me will read this post, find those stories and post them here. It would be greatly appreciated.

The sodomites could have been given a room with 2 beds, right?

Yeah, but they weren’t allowed to continue sinning. Look at the woman in Sunday’s Gospel. She was told to go and sin now more. Not “keep doing what you are doing!”

I suspect if he had invited to openly practicing gay men to stay with him, they would have had to sleep apart from one another, in separate stables.

That was what the discussion at the breakfast table could have been, they could have shared with them that Gospel story…

Once people are influenced by Christ, they are convicted and most often do not want to sin against God in that way anymore.

The sodomites also could have sued the inn-keeper for “hate speech”. :blush:

The Gay couple would of most likely slept in the same bed. How could you as Christian/Catholic accept that, in your own establishment?

O’kay to be fair…I have to ask

They booked a room meaning in advance ]?

Didn’t the landlord see both had male names and asked for a double bed?

But they waited for them to arrive?

According to this article, the woman in question said she was given no prior warning and she couldn’t offer them another room because she was fully booked. Meaning that she maybe would of offered them twin room perhaps or two single rooms if she had the room and if they would of accepted of course, which I doubt they would of. It’s her private house, it’s not a hotel. That would be very awkward for the owner, you would want to be hospitable to your guests but how as a Christian can it be acceptable to have two men sleeping together in your B&B aka. house.

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