Gay couple voted best celebrity babysitters

Ellen DeGenerous and Portia De Rossi voted best celebrity babysitters:

ParentDish did a poll for Mother’s Day, asking moms and dads which celebrity they would feel most comfortable leaving their kids with. The winners with about a third of the vote were recently married Ellen DeGenerous and Portia De Rossi. Next in line were Jennifer Anniston (22%), Rachel Ray (20%), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (18%) and Oprah Winfrey (9%).

In the best celebrity mom category, Jennifer Garner won by a large margin (37%), with Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon tied for second (26%). Angelina Jolie got only 4%.

And worst mom? That was another tie: Courtney Love, the rock-star widow of grunge musician Kurt Cobain, received 32%, along with Dina Lohan, mother to tabloid magnet Lindsey Lohan.

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