Gay dads campaign for church wedding


BRITAIN’S first gay surrogate parents have launched a legal challenge to the Church of England’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 44, who runs the Maldon-based British Surrogacy Centre with partner Tony, hoped to get married in his local church, St John the Baptist, in Danbury.

Practising Christian Mr Drewitt-Barlow said the new law did not offer what he had been campaigning for and he had now begun a legal challenge.


“Practicing Christians”, active “parishioners”, and local church’s blessing? :confused:


It happens in some places. The United Church of Christ’s been doing it for years, probably before marriage was first redefined in the US.


No surprise here. The activists are going to attack every Christian Church screaming that they have the right to get married in Church even though they run hate campaigns against churches and church-goers.

On the other side, there are the true believers who bear their cross with such awe inspiring fortitude and obedience to God.


Not all of them do, since some churches would be more than happy to accommodate a same-sex marriage. The thing is, none of them have as much clout in the United Kingdom as they do in America because of the Church of England.


Do you know if that sort of thing is happening to non-CoE churches? Do they sue the local pastor/minister/whatever or do they sue the organization?


My fear is that the CofE will crumble and object at their enforced legal exemption thereby making life very difficult for all faithful followers of Christ (irrespective of denomination). As the CofE was started as a State Church and is still very much integrated with Parliament, you perhaps can understand my concerns. By the way, I am not denying that there are Catholics and others who are not fully understanding or accepting the teachings in the Bible. I don’t want to come across as having a go or trying to take the moral high ground, but in the UK, the person who throws the biggest tantrum wins, never mind the consequences. The CofE is in a very difficult position but their track record in some areas does not seem the strongest thus far. Maybe they will surprise us? I pray that they will.




The problem is that the ECHR has already ruled on this matter.
The legal precedent is defined.
As soon as a country define marriage as including same see unions no Organisation may refuse to offer marriage to same sec couples.

No like or local Court can find any other way without their decision being appealed to the ECHR


Is the CofE state funded?


The Church of England, thankfully, has always been one of the most conservative parts of the Anglican Communion both theologically and morally. You don’t have to be afraid.


Quite right. The legislation atually makes it illegal for the CofE to conduct gay marriages and only this week its Bishops ruled against even giving gay blessings.


Kyrie Eleison :crossrc:


Father Longenecker (former Church of England Priest, now Catholic Priest) has written some very sad pieces recently on his blog regarding Same Sex Marriage and the Church of England.

Anglicans Prepare for Same Sex Weddings

I see no reason why anybody should be anything but clear minded about which way this debate will go. The Church of England decided long long ago that homosexual marriage was permissible. As they did in every debate since the Reformation, the Anglican bishops will hum and haw wondering if their dear old Church of England is more “Church” or more “England” and in the end they will decide that it is more “England” than “Church”. That is because conformity to the state and adaptation to the spirit of the age is written into the genetic code of the Church of England. The Elizabethan Settlement was just that–a settlement by the Queen of England. It settled things. It said essentially, “You may do whatever you like in church and believe whatever you like as long as you do as I say in things that matter to me.”

Another Elizabeth is on the throne now, but the same settlement holds true. Members of the Church of England are free to believe whatever they want and do whatever they want, as long as they conform to the current laws of England, the prevailing mores and the contemporary culture.


Is that right? I am not familiar with ECHR rulings and their authority in member states. However, if the Catholic Church were performing gay marriages in France or Spain or any other the other countries which allow same-sex marriage, I think it would have made international news.


He wrote this the day before the Bishops had deliberated on same-sex blessings and decided that they will not take place. He really needs to write up a follow up piece correcting the wrong predictions that he made on his blog. But presumably he will just say “it will come eventually” as indeed many Catholics say. When I was in Germany two years ago I was rather shocked that at the end of mass a Catholic priest invited all couples (straight and gay) to come foreward for a blessing. Everyone just said how nice it was!!




I don’t know why you have re-posted this article which was from last August. The couple have been advised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission that their claim would fail as the legislation which provides protection for religions who do not wish to marry same sex couples is in accordance with the Equality act, and so they have decided not to persue their claim.


They could’ve also already gotten married. I surmise that because of the free borders within the EU, they could go to France or the Netherlands and get married while not citizens and have it recognized in Britain when it becomes legal.


Yes, I know that. The point is that they wanted to get married in their local church, but the CofE is banned from conducting gay weddings - and has reiterated this week that it would not do so even if they were allowed. The only religions that have said they intend to “opt-in” and conduct gay marriages are Unitarians, Quakers and the Liberal Jewish faiths.

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