Gay Danish couples win right to marry in church (Danish Lutheran Church)


Yikes. So North Carolina restricts churches to perform only state-sanctioned religious ceremonies? I don’t know how that ever passed muster. It seems unconstitutional, on the face of it.


Lord, have mercy!


Moreover, the conservatives in NC are setting a precedent that will come back to bite them – though you’re right that it should be declared unconstitutional.


They should be worried. It isn’t typical for progressives to allow exceptions to their tyranny to live long.
The central and northern European “Lutherans” have been drifting from confessional, orthodox Lutheranism for some time now.



This is as tyrannical as requiring pastors/priests to perform same gender marriages.
In fact, this is precisely what churches who value the sanctity of Holy Matrimony should do as more and more states are forced to allow seam gender marriage.



I don’t want to sound trite, but what punishment could they give that would match the punishment countless martyrs have suffered. I don’t think it is constitutionally possible for any European country to legislate what religious denominations can do. Which country would want to raise the condemnation such a breach of freedom would produce?


Right, all churches that value religious freedom, regardless of their stand on SS marriage should join the lawsuit with UCC and Alliance of Baptists to protect their religious freedom.

Sometimes paradox is the best way to define an issue.


Or maybe it is time for the remaining state controlled churches to break away and be independent. It is obvious to anyone that matters of doctrine should not be in the hands of modern politicians.


Just maybe this is God’s way of bringing the flock back together? One side consists of the Catholic church, the confessional Lutheran churches, the continuing Anglican churches, the Southern Baptists, and the Pentecostal churches.

That’s a LOT of firepower. On the other side, the episcopal, Presbyterian, ELCA, United Church of Christ and the Methodist churches, all in which you can find plenty of seats on any given Sunday.

I will almost predict that by 2050 the mainline protestant churches will be history. I liken where are we at right now to the era of the evil kings of Israel and Judah. We have the government we have because we allowed it. January 22, 1973. Remember that? You can bet God Almighty does.:frowning:


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