'Gay' family kids 7 times more likely to be homosexual


Interesting article. Thanks!

Its hard to discuss Dr. Hansen’s views, since she doesn’t do it herself. The World Net Daily article is longer than the “report” it mentions. Hansen simply doesn’t offer any evidence.

[quote=WND]Hansen said in the study, in order for an adult child to be classified as non-heterosexual, “the adult child had to currently identify as non-heterosexual and commit to a future identity as a non-heterosexual – a very unusual method for coding non-heterosexuality.”

I think classifying someone as gay because they identify as gay and think they will continue to be gay is a pretty reasonable approach. I’m not sure why she doesn’t. She doesn’t explain herself.

Clearly she believes that environment causes homosexuality. An earlier article of hers claims that boys raised in a city are 3-4 times more likely to turn gay. And going to college increases a woman’s chance of becoming lesbian by an amazing factor of 9x.

So lock up your kids!

Well, what you’ve stated is a great simplification of what she says.And she does look at the environmental factors & extrapolates a bit.Sometimes factors seem random, but when all other factors are put in place, make sense.

‘Monkey see, monkey do’

The Church saw it before the researcher does.

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