Gay Fish symbol?


What do you think about the Los Angeles Diocese doing this?
It is a ministry for Gay and Lesbians.


My only problem is that the Mission Statement carefully avoids the issue of gay sexual acts. It makes vague references to living in accordance with Catholic tradition, but doesn’t clearly state that in order to do so, sexual purity must be maintained. If the ministry itself does not state clearly that homosexual acts are sinful and if it tacitly encourages the gay lifestyle, then it is completely wrong. Whomever wrote the Mission Statement was very careful and I think it is suspect. Just my opinion.


Project Rachel is a ministry to women who have had abortions. I’m pretty sure that the initial “mission statement” does not go into detail about grave matter and excommunication.

The gentle tone of the mission statement would not cause me to be suspect. Perhaps a call or email to the group would clear up what they cover in the actual ministry?


My thoughts exactly.:confused: it is confusing for those that still believe it is ok to live that lifestyle. I actually read a article from a protestant site and they were bashing the church because of the rainbow fish symbol too.


Here is the entire Mission Statement of the Courage Ministry, which is the one approved by the Vatican:

[quote=]Courage is a spiritual support group for men and women with same sex attraction who desire to live a chaste life in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

There is no need to be vague about the Church’s teaching, and I’m not sure that calling and asking would result in a clear answer. I think I will give them a call though.


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