Gay float is a first for St Patrick’s Day parade

In Fermanagh this may well be the case but in the Republic of Ireland (and I suspect in other parts of the six counties as well) there have been gay floats for some time. The Irish foreign minister at one time recently clashed with organisers of St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York for excluding gay floats as I recall as he felt the organiser in New York. Mind you that was Eamon Gilmore who is, cough, cough, not overly fond of the Church either.

i hope all of the other floats pull out, along with the crowd! :mad:
Let these individuals expose themselves for what they are.

Hail glorious Saint Patrick: pray for us!!!

I’ve decided not to attend the event, conscience won’t let me…

I doubt if many will pull-out, there will be a back-lash to all this, next weeks news should be interesting.

They have being trying to organise a parade for years, and get one chance to get it right, and I’m afraid the organisers have went too far.

I’m sure many won’t attend this parade.

Yes, this has been happening in Ireland for some years now. Why do people feel so compelled to flaunt their sexual differences? St. Patrick’s Day is one to remember to thank St. Patrick for giving us the gift of Our Faith. After years of slavery and torture, he bravely returned to Ireland, with the great gift of Christianity.

So, why are the parades not true to the meaning of Our Saint’s Memory…

Pray for Ireland folks. We need to return to our roots, to return to God.:signofcross:

A lot of those attending the parade don’t go to Mass on Sundays nor St Patrick’s day, for many it’s just a parade and a trip to the pub to get blocked out of their heads.

It’s a religious festival for many, but for many it’s not, oh well won’t be attending, I wouldn’t attend a gay wedding so I’m not going to sign the seal of approval by attending this mockery.

Yes we should love the sinner, & don’t think being gay is a sin, but if they are practising gays, then we are giving our approval by attending.

It’s sad they way religious festivals are being hijacked by people who want us to rubber stamp their sinful life-styles…

Since when has the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade been a religious celebration? Seems pretty secular to me. Simply wearing green and using the name St. Patrick doesn’t make it a Catholic or even Christian event. I could’nt care less.

I agree but apparently Eamon Gilmore in his role as foreign minister ran into conflict with the organisers as he didn’t realise they were excluding gay floats, he thought that (as in Dublin) no-one would mind a gay float participating. He apaprently had a bit of a barney with the New York organisers over the matter.

Gay floats have been part of the parad in Dublin for some years now, frankly it’s more an excuse for getting tanked up and a giant street party than anything else. I’ve just come back from Ireland a week ago and Dublin was full of signs posted up on behalf of LUAS (the city wide tram system) telling you about the events they were organising,Only one hour of events on each day out of numerous events was religious in nature and I’m sure given the other events they will be the least well attended. Wouldn’t have minded seeing the Russian contribution organised by the Irish Russian community as they have a quite well attended Maslenitsa festival themselves there which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In my youth, I attended many a St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC, and I can second what you’ve said. It is no more a Catholic or religious event than is St. Valentine’s Day!

It seems though there is a number of conservative older guard Irish-Americans who wish to limit the participation of gay floats which has caused a sticking point between various groups and some flak.

Seems those that gave them the float are taking it back, once they found out who was using it, nothing to stop them from walking though.

It’s would seem a bit strange to stand on the pavement waving at them as If my attendance was a sign of approval of their gay activities…

Yes it’s supposed to be a celebration of St Patrick, but it hasn’t been that for a very long time, get tanked up more like and row in the bars with those you called friends earlier in the day.

Sad but true…

Now, I lived in the North End of Boston for a while- great neighborhood by the way.

They had multiple Saint related parades throughout the summer and I would say that these events, though somewhat secular, still were religious at their core. A statue was carried in the parade- usually with dollar bills pinned to it- which I thought was weird- but anyway. . .

Not all “Saint” parades are created equal. :wink:

I have no problem with a bunch of gay people crafting a float for a parade if that is what they want to do. I have a big problem if the float is an “in your face” represention of gay acts. How do parents explain this to young children? I think it is an arrogant thing to do to ruin the parade for people who just want to go and enoy the bands and the music and those floats that have a St. Paddy’s Day theme.

I’m with you there. It should be a “normal” type float- with maybe a sign identifying the group. It shouldn’t be “high impact” like those seen in the Pride parades.

How do parents explain this to young children? It sounds like an awesome way to introduce children to the existence of hell.

How would you express this lesson to your kids? :slight_smile:

Hopefully one would hope not by implying that the guys and gals on the gay float are all off to Hell.

Leaving that aside, the reason the New York parade can block gay floats apparently is that it’s still officially classed as a private Catholic event. Yes I know that sounds ludicrous but the Ancient Order of Hibernians have a veto over which floats can take part hence the issue with gay floats.

Well, you have to admit that St. Patrick’s Day is a de facto Catholic event.

No. Mary. It may be a de jure Catholic event. It is, however, a de facto Irish-American secular event. :kissme:

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