Gay forces in California in retreat, won't try to overthrow Prop 8 now

Seeing that Californians won’t support gay “marriage,” gays in California are retreating in their aim of overthrowing Proposition 8, that outlawed gay marriage in California. See:


Hehehe “gays”… the least happy people there are!

California may yet go conservative.

With all due respect, wouldn’t a better reaction be, I hope those formerly opposed to Prop 8 see the light and realize the supporters are on their side for what is best for California and humanity in general? Only that, they need to reconsider what best means here.

On the contrary, it looks like they are just trying to reassess what “went wrong” so they know what tactic to try the next time. It looks like the enemy will be coming at us from a different angle next time, so we must also gather our resources and hold our strength. It’s not a time to relax. They want us to relax and think that it’s over so that we forget and are unprepared so that they have a stronger chance next time.

From the article

“Like the Obama Campaign, we understand that we need a combination of powerful and clear research that informs an expertly run campaign, an unstoppable movement that harnesses the new energy we have seen since the passage of Prop. 8 and the connections through personal stories and outreach in order to win at the ballot box. We are taking the lessons learned from last year’s Prop. 8 campaign, the campaigns in Maine and other states to understand the fundamental work that must be done before moving forward in California. We also must come together as a community to create a broad coalition and governance structure, put in place a strong manager and secure the resources to win. Right now, the pieces are not all in place to do so confidently.”

Emphasis mine.

The war’s not over. Far from it. They’re just waiting for us to become complacent in the position we’re in and our momentum on the topic to dissolve.

There “campaign based on personal stories” just failed miserably in the NY State Senate.

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