Gay hostility in class


And His mom :wink:


You’re asking me to draw a conclusion with insufficient data…I won’t do that, and you shouldn’t either.


The suicides wouldn’t result from homosexuality but would be caused by depression or anxiety which would be the diagnosable conditions. A lot of gay people aren’t depressed or anxious because of their homosexuality. The only reason that gay people get depressed or anxious on account of their sexuality and then go on to be suicidal is when they are told that it is something bad or disordered and that acting on it is evil or sinfull.


Ok that reasoning is not definitive Thorolfr. People who experience SSA such as myself who are Catholic and know that acting on our attractions would be sinful are not always depressed because of this.

Also, if looking at my personal testimony, the reason why I feel sad sometimes in relation to my feelings for other men is because of a lack of male intimacy. This has occurred because I lack healthy male intimacy and affection from other men. I blame the gay rights/marriage movement, which had effectively made men who are not gay become wary of each other due to this awareness that society may perceive them as gay. This caused men to reduce the affection between them and consequently platonic touch was practically frowned upon and is still frowned upon today.


This is simply incorrect. Homosexual tendencies or inclination is objectively disordered. Homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.


So why do you need male intimacy and affection from other men more than most straight men or do most straight men also feel sad because of a lack of healthy male intimacy and affection from other men?


Everything that’s not ordered towards God can rightly be called disordered.


I wish I had more brotherly intimacy in my life :frowning:


Males need intimacy from each other. That means platonic intimacy and strong friendships. Compare our time period and decades ago, men were more intimate with each other back then (in a platonic sense not a sexual sense). Nowadays straight men are less touchy and less intimate with each other and as human beings we all need platonic friendships. Ive lacked these friendships and bonds and I’ve longed for them.

For me, I never got to truly bond with other men. Never really felt like one of the guys. Contrast that with my straight friends and you see that they had great relationships with their fathers and other guy friends.

And now, any intimacy and affection and affirmation that I want to get, I ultimately can’t have because no guy would hug me if they knew what I struggled with. No one is comfortable with that. They don’t want to be seen as gay. In some instances and especially on sports teams, it’s ok to be touchy feely but I’m not in sports.

Also when did I say I needed more affection from men compared to straight men? I’m saying how a lack of touch can ruin one’s life


The latter one is right.


I have a friend I’ve known since the 7th grade who is in gay. He knows my opinion on it, and I don’t think he would disagree that homosexuality is a disorder. He and I get along just fine, even with him knowing I don’t support his lifestyle. And a disorder is not the same as a disease, anyway.


If it is not a mental disorder then it is a choice. So either they are unhealthy (as the Catechism and most Catholics suppose) or they are sinful (as I suspect)


It is not. We just live in a heteronormative society.


Would you kindly point me to the place where the Catechism says that homosexuals are unhealthy?


Thank you for the correction. I was working from memory and clearly mixed the two phrases up. The post is now too old to edit otherwise I would. :wink:


The state of being mentally healthy necessitates that there be an opposite condition possible, which would be mentally unhealthy, and from that would naturally follow the conclusion that those who suffer from some sort of mental disorder are mentally unhealthy.


It is and society doesn’t make things wrong or right.


The Catechism doesn’t say that they are mentally unhealthy.


Again, you made a statement about the Catechism. I’ve respectfully asked you to document that claim.


It says they have a “deep-seated… condition” that constitutes a “trial” and implies that the cause of said condition is not by choice; which would therefore only leave the option that it is a mental disorder.

This is an either-or situation. There is no third option. Either homosexuality is a chosen condition and therefore sinful, or it is a mental disorder.

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