Gay Iraqi could face death penalty if deportation goes ahead

Scary! :frowning:


A gay Iraqi man due for deportation tomorrow has been told by the UK Border Agency to conduct his relationships “in private” on his return to Iraq, where homosexuality is punishable by death.

Campaign group Iraqi LGBT says the asylum seeker will become the seventh gay Iraqi to be returned to the country by the UK, despite the country being one of the only nine in the world where homosexual people are executed.

Homosexuality is no longer illegal in Iraq. Saddam’s law was removed with Saddam. Having said that, Islamists have been known to kill flagrant homosexuals. Many Islamists feel that homosexuality is OK as long as it is done privately. Homosexuality is quite common in Afghanistan, for example… So a lot depends on where he ends up living and how much he flaunts his homosexuality.

What a shame. To kill someone just because of adult consensual relations.

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