Gay,Lesbian Military Troops Perform In Drag At Fundraiser in Japan


KADENA AIR BASE, Okinawa – Since the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, U.S. military bases have hosted a gay marriage ceremonies and a potluck gatherings. But on Saturday, servicemembers here may have been the first to take to the stage and perform as drag queens on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender troops.

Try again as I don’t know why it was removed from forums.

They sold 400 ticket which benefited gay functions.


Wicked, wicked America!

I predict a major hurricane to hit us soon.


You do know what causes cyclone right? It has got nothing to do with god


You have that backwards - you have nothing to do with God, but Creation has everything to do with Him.


As an ex-military man…it makes me sick! All this will certainly cause internal friction and affect moral. Trust me!


As a military man, I wholeheartedly agree. My Army has certainly changed in recent years, and not for the best!


How? Soldiers performing drag shows have been around for years. Hell the Air Force held one last year.


The reason that this post was pulled the first time is because it is totally inappropriate. The gay, lesbian and bigender lifestyle is incompatible with Catholic Christianity. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI warned against the DIctatorship of Moral Relativism. If you don’t believe something is a sin than it is not a sin. Fortunately as Catholics we have Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition and the Magesterium to keep us faithful to the gospels and to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Amen brother! I cannot believe the former policy was banned…HUGE MISTAKE! The military will pay a huge price in the long run for caving into politically correct agendas.


Ahhh…not the same thing! These drag-queen shows are performed by openly gays folks,not the same thing as straight men doing it as a joke.


It doesn’t seem to have affected the military of these countries

What makes the USA so special?


Drag shows have always been about entertainment the sexual orientation of the performers doesn’t change that.


As of NOW! All of this hogwash will catch-up sooner or later. Such an immoral way of life will meet it ruin.


And the issue is not about what is being performed,but by WHOM (OPEN GAY FOLKS) and under what entity (U.S. military) who has **allowed **such disgusting and degrading filth. Big difference! I should know, I served and served before any of this trash was accepted! Goes to show where current military leadership is at…morally!


How do you know the effect it’s had on those militaries? Maybe they’ve had an increase in harassment. You don’t know. You know the problem the US military has had with sexual assault. Do you think this policy will make it better or worse?


Precisely! What on earth makes the gay community believe such a way of life will be truly accepted by all military members? As I said,this will cause serious long term issues within the U.S. Armed Forces, its members and their families. The military really made a bad choice and move.


I don’t think that there’s been an increase in sexual harassment since the bans were lifted. But even if there was that just means the military needs to discipline those soldiers not prevent an entire group of able-bodied men and women from serving


I would image that members of the military have had to work with people that they didn’t like in the past, so how is this any different? This is no different from allowing different races and women to serve, if military survived those it will survived this.


I do not think so! You are trying to justify it at all costs! Oh it is very different! In the past it was the individual’s business to keep it to himself or herself and no one was to ask you about your preference…period! So it is different! I would know I served for 12 years,so your comparison is weak.

It is amazing how the gay world tries to justify their immorality and scream to the world: It is normal and an acceptable way of life.

Got news! It is not normal and it is immoral…period!



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