Gay lobby fighting reparative therapy at the expense of our youth

The gay lobby is frantically fighting reparative therapy even though they know it works. In the State of NJ the family of a boy who received this treatment that saved his life from suicidal thoughts is fighting Gov. Christies gay lobby legislation.

This is just another example exposing their true colors of the gay lobby and their completely utter lack of concern of our youth.

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that their is an epidemic of young people with suicidal thoughts who suffer from SSA given that they are being told their is no hope for their condition because they were born this way. Conspicuously this was not an issue until homosexual indoctrination of our youths started after the “sexual revolution”.

There’s no such thing as “ex-gay,” and SSA is not a medical term, nor is it a term that appears - as “SSA” - anywhere in the Catechism. If someone was “ex-gay,” then they were never gay to begin with. Common sense. :shrug:

Thanks for the class on semantics. :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, many persons who have suffered from Same Sex Attraction have been relieved of that burdensome cross by none other than Jesus Christ, myself included. Paz.

I agree with you. I think the suicide issue is more related to rejection by society because someone has SSA. SSA has existed since the beginning of time.

That doesn’t make sense because our society is a lot more accepting of homosexuality than 50 years ago and yet suicidal thoughts are apparently worse.

That’s exactly the point. Evidently, there are some number of people who think they are homosexual but are, according to you, not really “gay”. With help, these people can reconcile their sexuality but it is unlikely that they can do it alone since their is a lot of pressure, especially on the young of “you might be gay”. How are they to reach that place where their inclinations match their orientation without support and possibly therapy?

If someone used to be sexually attracted to members of the same sex and now is not, what do you call that person if not “ex-gay”? These people clearly exist. And how do you make sure that the help they need to get there is available?

Ex-gay people do exist. Sexuality is fluid, especially for teens and young adults. Although not everyone overcomes these attractions, many people do. They are either significantly diminished or gone completely. I think these therapies should be available for those who want them.

Just like AA doesn’t work for everyone, and the battle against alcohol is a daily battle even after they quit, and some people slip into drinking again, doesn’t meant the program doesn’t work.

Suicide rates are higher today even though society has become far more accepting of homosexual behavior, so I don’t think it has to do with feeling accepted. I think it’s a depression issue (is anyone who commits suicide mentally sound) and these people should talk to a counselor if they have suicidal thoughts.


I agree. And I know people who were totally into the homosexual lifestyle and have gone on to live normal heterosexual lives. It doesn’t mean they still do not have occasional attractions to the same sex, but they were able to overcome.

It is satan that wants people to think that we are either gay or not gay. It is him that wants us to think people are born this way and that it is unchangeable.

It’s a battle - and guess who is winning.

I have no credibility regarding this issue - I’m not a mental health professional, nor do I have any same sex attraction experience. But I’ve known and loved many gay friends and colleagues over the years. In my younger years, the movement was for recognition of domestic partnership and equality through civil unions. Because this did not include a redefinition of the term “marriage”, this was fairly widely accepted (although I’m sure there were still opponents, I was fine with it). My opinion is this - why does the gay lobby need to raise the stakes, as divisive as it is to promote “gay marriage”? They are solely responsible for making the cross SSA individuals bear so much heavier. At the end of the day, the fulfillment of all desire is our relationship with Christ as children of God. And the bible tells us that sex is for marriage between men and women. Make everything legal and accepted by society - there will still be a hole in the soul of those who live in sin, straight or gay. Instead I have great compassion for my gay friends - I think things have become much more difficult for them then they were, say, 10 years ago.

They have come to the realization that consensus is not the equivalent of the spiritual fulfillment they so desperately need because of their condition in partaking of something that causes spiritual desolation.

And there’s the rub. Certainly, therapy should be made available to those that want it. Unfortunately, not all young folks actually want therapy and there have been cases where parents have forced teens into therapy (inpatient and outpatient) that was abusive, no way around it. Which is why so many are against this type of therapy and why it is illegal in some places for a minor to attend such therapy sessions. A few bad “therapists” have spoiled it for the whole bunch.

Reparative therapy is not the same as “not living the lifestyle”. It’s changing orientation, and there’s almost zero evidence showing deep-seated homosexual attraction can be changed. (I’m not counting people with bisexual tendencies who marry people of the opposite sex.)

There is of course plenty of evidence that people who have active homosexual lifestyles change completely. Don’t believe anything the gay lobby tells you nor the MSM nor Hollywood as they are controlled by none other than the devil.

Change in behavior is not change in orientation.

Staying sober doesn’t mean the desire for alcohol is absent.

Honestly? I think we’re arguing the wrong point here. If you want to believe gay people can change their orientation, I’m not stopping you. Nor would I stop any adult from engaging in such therapy if they wished. But I hope conversion therapy gets banned in all 50 states for minors, because it often leads to forced electroshock therapy, massive hormone overdoses, and other highly traumatic treatments that the child is not allowed to decline. When they’re 18 and can make the choice for themselves, then they should be free to do so, but not before that age.

“Never gay to begin with,” that’s what. “Never gay to begin with.” Is there a reason why “never gay to begin with” can not be used and why it absolutely positively has to be “SSA”? I have looked for myself at many of these “ex-gay” ministries to be properly informed in my perspective, and none of them use the word “gay” or “homosexual.” If none of these “ex-gay” ministries are using common English grammar and appropriate syntax of that grammar in the descriptions of who they’re helping and the therapies use, then logic would dictate that of course anyone can be cured of “SSA”. How could they not be? It’s like these “ex-gay” ministries have the hide behind the term “SSA” to prove a point, which naturally can never be proven false because it’s not homosexuality, it’s SSA.

I celebrate the recovery of anyone who triumphs in the Lord’s grace. I just wish I could share in the celebration of the semantics surrounding a term (“SSA”) invented for sole purpose of trying to prove “ex-gay” exists.

Agreed. And call a spade and spade. (And get “SSA” added to the DSM book for doctors so it can be differentiated from “homosexuality,” if in fact it is different.)

You are confused, homosexual orientation is not biological.

In fact, the majority of persons that suffer from SSA gravitate to heterosexual in the lifetime. There are in fact more ex homosexuals than homosexuals in existence.

Finally, I had SSA and it’s gone, now what? I suppose I am kidding myself, good grief.

The gay lobby is nothing other than diabolical mind control that preys on the weak.

Very simple: It sounds like you were never gay to begin with. :thumbsup:

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