Gay man refused Last Rites

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from the story:

Plishka told The Blade that Coelho offered to take his confession before proceeding with communion and sacramental last rites. “We started talking and I told him I was so happy with this new pope because of his comments about the gays and his accepting the gays,” Plishka said. “And I mentioned that I was gay. I said it and then I asked him does that bother you? And he said, ‘Oh, no, that does not bother me.’"

The Washington Post reported that the conversation was interrupted by another person coming into the room, which Plishka shared with another patient. Plishka said that after his revelation, Coelho simply “would not continue” with the anointing of the sick sacrament or administration of communion, offering Plishka no explanation.

“He said, ‘I will pray with you,’ but that’s all he’d do. That was it.” Plishka was shocked and angered by Coelho’s reaction. He told The Blade, "He wanted to pray. That’s what he wanted to do. He said well I could pray with you. And I just told him to get the f*** out of here — excuse me. But that’s what I told him.”

There seems to be an inconsistency, first Fr Coelho saying “Oh, no, that does not bother me.” then refusing to proceed with the sacrament. I don’t know if Fr Coelho wanted to pray with Plishka before continuing.

Mr Plishka is clearly angry and we are only hearing his side. I hope a priest would not deny last rites to a (possibly) dying person.

from the story:

The Catholic Church is currently having high-level meetings about issues such as contraception, cohabitation, gay marriage and whether divorced Catholics who marry outside the church can receive communion. Pope Francis has advocated a pastoral approach which may lead to greater official changes in the future.

Well, I hope the “pastoral approach” includes telling straights living in sin or the divorced & remarried themselves for Communion.

Do last rights require an acknowledgement of sin?

The Washington Post always gets things wrong when it comes to the Catholic Church, they are just anti Catholic. You can not say a Gay man was refused Last Rites as we were not there, and don’t know what happened.

It is a requirement also to repent of one’s sins, did he do this, we don’t know if he did or did not, the priest had his reasons, we don’t know the full story, or indeed is it any of our business, its between the Gay guy, the Priest and God. Judge not.

I strongly suspect the man absolutely refused to repent of his sin - an angle which would not have been covered by the WaPo because they don’t believe in any sin at all (except perhaps political conservatism).

And, the poor priest can’t really call the newspaper and say, “Bob refused the consolation of the Holy Spirit when he refused repentance.” That poor man! What a position to be in.

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