Gay marriage a 'Trojan horse', says Catholic cardinal

*Gay civil unions and same-sex marriages are a “Trojan horse” that fundamentally weaken the institution of the family, a senior Catholic cardinal has warned, a month after the issue was raised by Pope Francis at a ground-breaking summit in the Vatican.

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops Conference, said that civil unions between gay men and women only serve to “confuse people” and undermine traditional family life, especially if the couples go on to have children, either through adoption or through donor methods.

“It is irresponsible to weaken the family by creating new forms”, the cardinal told a meeting of Italian bishops in the town of Assisi in Umbria on Monday.

“It only confuses people and has the effect of being a sort of Trojan horse, undermining culturally and socially the core of humanity.”

Children “have a right to a mother and a father”, Cardinal Bagnasco told the bishops. …

Cardinal Bagnasco’s remarks were interpreted as an attack on the increasing number of mayors in Italy who have recently made a point of recognising gay marriages performed overseas. …

“Cardinal Bagnasco’s comments on the family are, as ever, absolutely clear,” said Eugenia Roccella, an MP with the New Centre Right party. “Children have the right to have a mother and a father.
“The attempt by mayors to undermine the law and the Italian constitution by registering gay marriages performed abroad is specious and constitutes a classic Trojan horse tactic.”*

God bless Card Bagnasco :slight_smile:

“It only confuses people and has the effect of being a sort of Trojan horse, undermining culturally and socially the core of humanity.”

This is exactly the problem, and at least one gay rights activist has said essentially the same thing–that while the near term goal was for gays to have the right to marry, the ultimate goal is to do away with marriage altogether.

The sexual revolution up to and including same sex marriage, has the effect of weakening the family. And the family is indeed at the core of human civilization. We weaken it at our own risk.

Of course, the ‘activists’ will deny it altogether. They know how to twist words very well.

Extremely well said.:thumbsup:

Even in the late 1800s, Pope Leo XIII was decrying ideas like divorce and concubines (i.e. polygamy) as detriments to the family. The attack in modern western culture has been consistent for a long time, and especially surged during the sexual revolution.

The world will not see until it reaps what it sows. The next fifty years should be painful.

I agree. The sexual revolution was phase one of destroying the family. And now we are seeing phase two with the homosexual revolution’s so-called “same-sex marriage.”

Yep, it’s about destroying marriage. It’s about removing all resistance to sexual deviancy. Only problem is the “resistance” won’t ever go away (which is a good thing). “Feel my pain” is really what this gay marriage movement is all about, and, believe me, we all will.

Eventually, we will likely see more traditional cultures and societies dominate.

Just look at ISIS, Russia and China.

Progressive causes need to do that because Truth most always is not on their side.

Ever notice why they care so much about what we think----even when they are getting their way left and right through the courts?

I understand the ethical and emotional aspects of this issue, but I don’t see how gay marriage weakens the family, any more than secularization has weakened it. Gay marriage falls under the umbrella of secularization. the antidote is evangelization in either case.

We need more Catholics and better-evangelized Catholics. Preaching against abortion, divorce, contraception, s-s marriage is ok, but the bigger issue is evangelization.

Even knowing that there are radicals in all movements, doesn’t lessen the startling admission recently by lesbian journalist Masha Gessen. On a radio show she actually admits that homosexual activists are lying about their radical political agenda. She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it. [emphasis added]

Here is what she recently said on a radio interview:

“It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(***F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there ***— because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago. …

Of course evangelization is necessary and required, and urgent. But the first obstacle to evangelization is overcoming the mass de-evangelization that has occurred over the past decades, particularly since 1960. By de-evangelization, I mean that a culture which was once Christian has become de-Christianized. Of course, secularization played a part in that. Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, rejected the truths which had been handed down to them, opting for individual feelings over family responsibility.

Contraception, divorce, abortion, the sexual free-for-all, have contributed to the downfall of the family, which continues unabated. Same sex marriage contributes to the degradation of the family because it is a contradiction in terms. It is not marital in any way, and can never be marital.

The greatest indicator of poverty is family stability. Where out of wedlock birth rates rise dramatically, poverty increases. The same is true of divorce. Divorce increases poverty, which puts society into a near permanent recession.

It was first said by a member of the Clinton administration. To avoid poverty, one only need do three things: finish high school; don’t have a child until marriage; don’t get married before age 21. And I would add a fourth: stay married. Those who do those things largely avoid poverty. Those who don’t, stay in poverty.

When families disintegrate, the government takes the place of the absent father. But Government is not a good dad. What’s needed is a real dad, and a real mom, committed to one another and to their family.

Has the disintegration progressed too far for a turnaround to happen? Probably so. It may have to play itself out in near total social collapse before rebuilding can occur.

A Trojan horse indeed! For hedonism, ungodly egotism and selfishness.

…and satan has a great big smile on his face

I don’t see it either. The notion that “more marriages” somehow equates to “weakened families” is nonsensical.

How about we increase marriages by lowering the age of consent?

And if we artificially accelerate the divorce rate, just think of the number of RE-marriages!

We are diluting the definition of marriage to the point that it will eventually mean simultaneously - anything and nothing

We’re already there. :o

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